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As always, ANY boot list should be taken with a grain of we know, many are proven wrong.
If you wish to delve further into this, lets keep it all in THIS in NO boot list discussions in other threads, at least until the episode in question is posted.
Absolutely give credit to the person/place/forum that the spoiler belongs to, but direct links are not allowed.  :tup:
And this is for SPOILER based boot lists info is NOT for wishlists or your own speculation unless you have some confirmatory evidence of your own that backs you up.
If you HAVE a new S28 spoiler, welcome and please do post!!
We will have a weekly EPISODE thread posted as well for episode speculation and spoiling! :yess:

Glamazon Racer:
I did read something about who the first boot would be in Show contentDavid and it seems highly plausible at the current point in the episode. Haven't read anything beyond that! :P

There was a CBS picture (I think) with only 5 members of the Beauty tribe hauling in a boat, which Sucks have speculated meaning that Brice is the first boot from Beauty (also a pre-merge boot)

Hope not :torche Brice <3

Glamazon Racer:
Spencer supposedly makes it to a swap/absorb or something apparently? I read a lot on Sucks, don't know how much is true. :lol:


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