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TAR Australia 3 SPOILERS & LIVE Sightings! Tweets go here *please read post 1*

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LIVE sightings go here!  :hearts:
If you are posting a tweet, please post the actual tweet, the tweet time, and the twitter user name.
For FB posts, please remove the FB name, but please send me the name and link for our records.
It is also wise to take a screenshot of any posts/tweets/photos you want to see again, they disappear quickly.
CREDIT any photos please.
Please be kind, and don't all bury the poor unsuspecting twitterer with questions, if you see another RFFer on the job, let them handle it. Rest assured that we try to follow up on all twitters/sightings.
If you are concerned that any info gained from any sighting or tweet may be private or confidential or just "too much too soon", feel free to PM or email me to ask before you post.
If you are bringing us a live sighting, :tu !! But please do  help us as much as you can with WHO (be descriptive, what they look like, is it a male/female team for example, what color they are wearing is helpful) WHAT are they doing, WHERE (as exactly as possible..street? airport gate? be specific!), WHEN (what time zone?, exact time), and any descriptions of the action! Pictures are treasured!
But please also remember that RFF chooses to first of all insure the safety of the racers. That means we do not want to expose them to a big fan/media onslaught along the way. So if you by chance know the exact locations racers will be in at a certain time BEFOREhand (like the Start Line or a future leg), please discuss it with me privately first, before posting it. Legs DO get changed....

And even though we all get excited, please, once we have a possible location, take the discussion to the Speculation or Location threads and leave the Twitter zone free for incoming info! :ty3:

If you have a spoiler and prefer to share it privately, you are welcome to PM me. You can also email me if you prefer, my email is in my profile. Your confidentiality will be respected.

PLEASE  help a peach out, and keep this thread ONLY for SPOILERS and LIVE SIGHTINGS.
IF YOU are not bringing us a LIVE SIGHTING or a SPOILER, do NOT post here.

ANYTHING else can go in the Spoiler Discussion Thread or the Location Thread or the Contestant thread.

That means NOTHING in this thread until the first live sightings, UNLESS you have spoilers about the race. And if you do, please read the first post closely.

Be prepared.... Time is precious these days! So I will try to move chatter if I can, but since that is a pain, MOST will get deleted. If you have something to say, be sure it goes in the right place?   :tup:
This is going to be fun!!  :hrt:


On your mark! Get ready!  :hyper:

Going to qualify this a bit as I am working on the other side of the world, lol! Fingers crossed...

But (good) incoming info suggests that TAR AUS 3 may get underway TODAY in NEW ZEALAND!!
Wellington mentioned but NOT yet confirmed.
So ...unless we get info to the contrary:
Let's go LIVE!  And start those twitter and FB searches.  :hearts:
Current time in Welly is Friday Feb 28th at 0833 AM.

My guess would be start line>>transport to airport(?), then sightings later, so maybe sightings after 11 their time or so?
Have Fun!!

Reread post one and two please.

Anything else can go to the Discussion/Location/Contestant Spec threads as appropriate.


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