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i don't know the team names i just know they had the card number 9 on the green backpack and i am sure they are the same team you can see on one photo posted on the sightings in an airport on Airnamibia counter, and it's a team from australia. On the detour they had to find a piece of cloth with the name of a local lady hanging among tousands, the other part of the detour they had to count all the yellow umbrelas among tousands of color umbrellas, this detour was in Alfama, a very typical place in Lisbon.

Sweet! So so far we have a starting line at Uluru, Siem Reap, Phuket, Namibia, ST. Petersburg, Lisbon, & Las Vegas. Is it safe to assume that this is the correct order of these visits?

Thanks, Bezugh! That's very useful information.

Las Vegas is looking very doubtful. From the dates of the sightings, They would have gone from St. Petersburg on the 17th to Las Vegas on the 18th and then back to Lisbon on the 20th. I'm thinking the Las Vegas sightings were some local race. I'm not sure what to make of the Philadelphia airport sighting on the 17th, except that it appears doubtful as well.

Does anyone know the date Buenos Aires was visited?

March 26th.


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