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Re: BB Canada Season 2 HouseGuests
« Reply #25 on: March 28, 2014, 04:03:59 PM »
Ruth Myles: Ika Wong says she ‘went to town’ on Big Brother Canada houseguests

An interview with Ika:

Talk about a turnaround: last week, Ika Wong was Head of Household on Big Brother Canada, wielding power and hatching schemes. This week, though, she found herself at the bottom of the power pyramid and was voted out. I caught up with the 29-year-old mother of two by phone as she made the media rounds in Toronto Friday morning.

Question: Thursday night’s episode was a bit more vitriolic than we are used to on Big Brother Canada. Can you walk us through that?
Answer: I get to the backyard and I have to choose between giving the houseguest their letters (from home) or taking a cheque for $5,000. I am contemplating out loud because I also want to let Canada to know why I came to my decision, and Big Brother, too. I was not instructed at all to say a word. I thought the garage doors were going to go wide open and I would have to explain why I did what I did. I had no idea I was being Topaz (who also talked through a decision that was broadcast to her fellow housemates!) I was also very frustrated. These people are backdooring me, they’re scumbagging me and I took them to school. I went to town on those houseguests.

Q: You had another two days in the house after that. Did it calm down after that?
A: No, it was awk-ward! They pretty much knew exactly how I felt. They were taking jabs here and there and saying things. But at that point, I was on Cloud 9. I was so happy that they knew how I felt and that I was leaving with a bang and $5,000. Like, screw you, houseguests!

Q: Last week, you were HoH. Looking back, would you have done anything differently?
A: When I was HoH last week, it wasn’t about getting rid of Heather because I thought she was this big target. It was mainly about keeping Paul. Anybody could have been in Heather’s shoes. I just thought if Heather went, it wouldn’t ruffle anyone’s feathers, and keeping Paul I would have numbers with the so-called girls’ alliance. I could have other people do my dirty work for me. I didn’t want to be a target that early on in the game. I thought if I made a big move by putting up Andrew and Kenny, the next big target would be me, and I didn’t want that at all. Looking back, they were gunning for me. I should have put up wildebeest Kenny and nose-picking Andrew on the block and have them Veto it out and kick them out of the house. I wish I could have gone back and done that.

Q: Have you heard about the First 5 alliance? You outted almost all of them during your monologue.
A: Yes! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it. Honestly, kudos to them for forming the alliance and tricking Ika Wong because they had me. I had no idea. It thought for sure Kenny, Andrew and Sarah. I didn’t picture Kim Fake-dashian Sabrina and Sarah in that mix.

Q: It seems the tide is turning on Sabrina. If the houseguests got to put up people this week, who would you think they would nominate?
A: If the underdog won, I think they would have gone after Kenny. Kenny needs to leave that house. I’m not sure if it’s going to take a backdoor to get Kenny out. Andrew and Kenny, or Kenny and Sarah or Andrew and Sarah and then try to get Kenny. I think the goal this week was definitely to take out a Kenny or an Andrew.

Q: Now that Canada is voting, do you have any idea who might go up? People in the house don’t know how they are being perceived.
A: I know. Girl, let me just tell you I am so happy for that twist because it gives my homeboy Adel another week, hopefully. In Canada, we love an underdog, don’t we? And Canada loves drama. Sticking Andrew and Kenny and Sabrina on that block would definitely invoke drama. It would pit that alliance against each other. The claws would come out. I am just sorry that I am not there to watch it in person and laugh. (She laughs.)

Q: What was the toughest part of being in the house?
A: The toughest part for me is not seeing the full picture. It’s the not knowing if what I’m thinking is right. I could handle the meanness. I think the toughest part of it for me was not seeing the full picture, not knowing what is really going on.

Q: And you’ve also heard about Kenny’s other secret?
A: Good Lord! Ruth, did you know that Kenny is gay? I was like, ‘What, where is my gay best friend? Where is he?’ and all along he was hiding in the wildebeest’s body. What I am thinking of his game – we both know I am not a Kenny fan, keeping it real – I think he is proud to be gay, probably, but I think he is playing a strategic game and that’s his move. I think he knows girls think he is attractive, he will be a boys’ boy and it’s purely strategy. It’s not meant to be offensive at all, is what I think. . . . I think he’s doing it for the game. Sabrina loves Kenny and Kenny loves himself. Sabrina is the horniest person in the house. She loves Andrew, then she loves Kenny, then she loves Andrew again. She is jealous of Allison’s relationship with Andrew. Sabrina is cray-cray, crazy, crazy, crazy. And it’s good TV. I love watching her cry. And cry about Allison and vent and carry on. I love it. I am pretty sure Canada loves it, too.

Q: What advice would you give Adel?
A: Adel honey, you hang in there. Canada is HoH this week and Canada loves you. You are guaranteed at least one more safe week. Hopefully, the lie you came up with – which was brilliant – will trick people and buy you more time. Hopefully by Canada’s move this week – because Canada is fierce – by putting up those two people on that block, it will cause tension and Adel should be safe.

Q: Have you voted yet? Who would you tell people to nominate?
A: As soon as I get to my computer, I am voting. I am calling all my homegirls, all my friends, even random people in the street. They will be voting! . . . Wildebeest Kenny, nose-picking Andrew and Kim Fake-dashian Sabrina: they need to go up on that block. Break up that alliance and give them a taste of their own medicine. They need to go up and they needs to get out.



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Re: BB Canada Season 2 HouseGuests
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What a goddess interview <3
"But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time
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