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Mug Costanza:
Got this ad randomly here on RFF. Is this Kenny? :lol:

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OMG It's possible! :lol3:

Well he is a male model so it probably is him. :lol:


Andrew ... Still like him, although if he doesn't make a move to break away from Kenny, he may not be in the house too much longer
Adel...He has grown on me...Believe that he has staying power due to his likability and the fact the other house guests seem to trust him.
Arlie...Still really have no idea about the guy except the fact he likes to run around the house naked to get Canada's vote. Seems to be trying to make moves away from his initial First Five alliance. May be the best move in the game.
Jon...Will stick with my original thought. He needs to desperately do something before he becomes last out before jury or first jury member.
Kenny...I was so wrong about Kenny. He is the ringleader of the house to date. I think at some point though he will overplay his hand which will ultimately spell his demise.
Paul...He is giving 40 year old dads a bad name. Annoying without a shred of game play. Played his hand two days into the game and has folded since. He is just couch fodder.

Heather...Still easy on eyes. This is not her game at all. Too nice and too naive to last much longer. That's a shame. She was growing on me. Maybe Amazing Race Canada is more her speed.
Ika...Okay, so first impressions sometimes are wrong. Although she has not fallen to the stereotypical depiction of her race, she is definitely not playing an intelligent game. Her butchery of this week's HoH is testament to the fact she hasn't a clue on how to play the game.
Neda...Okay, I really do suck at first impressions. I am liking Neda more and more every episode. She seems intelligent. She understands this game. She is playing the game to her benefit. She needs to grab hold of the HoH and show some of these weaklings how Big Brother needs to be played. Also, very eyes on the eyes.
Rachelle...Is she still in the house? She is just riding coat tails. Unless she does something spectacular, she will be a jury member that will not be remembered.
Sabrina...Maybe, I am not so bad at first impressions. Snooky's...I mean Sabrina's...mouth will eventually get her on the block and eventually home.
Sarah...I sense a big move coming from her. She is doing exactly what I though she would do, be the mother and let the game come to her.
Allison...She is the wild card in this whole house. In a precarious position, she is poised to set the house along very distinct lines. Will be interesting how she votes in the Paul/Heather eviction. If she lasts next week, she may be in it for the long haul. Easy on the eyes and was my vote from the War Room.

My Wants (Perfect Big Brother World)
Final Four ... Allison, Sarah, Neda, Adel
Final Two ... Allison and Neda
Winner ... Neda

My Feelings (The Big Brother World as we all know and love it)
Final Four - Neda, Sarah, Arlie, Ika
Final Two - Arlie, Neda
Winner - Neda

Okay...30 minutes into the show and my first impressions of the guests

Andrew ... like him, maybe it's the love of beer angle or the fact he seems confident, not cocky
Adel...The Canadian Afganimal...Do not like him one tiny iota...arrogant, cocky, obnoxious
Arlie...Neither here nor clue on this fact, I couldn't tell you a thing about him
Jon...Seems like a nice guy...hopefully he has some game in him because we all know where nice guys tend to finish in this game
Kenny...I like Kenny enough to think he will last until jury...Even with the beard I believe he will fly under the radar until the bigger personalities are evicted
Kyle...Good Gawd...after one second of this douche nozzle I was ready to throw something at the television but, according the brainless nitwit, without his guidance I wouldn't be able to throw it hard or fast enough to do any damage. If there is anyone with brains in that household, he will see the door immediately and spare Canada and America from his arrogance
Paul...A forty something year old Dad...GO PAUL GO!!!!!

Anick...She will end up being too eccentric for this bunch...Several may be shallow and arrogant and annoy people but her happiness rules the planets and the plants and the birds and the animals and the chakra and the gems is going to get her evicted first.
Heather...Easy on the eyes...Grating on the brain...When they show Kyle and Adel the door, she can ride their coat tails out...She may be Canada's version of Rachel Riley, which for me, is not good
Ika...I like Ika a bunch...she is not your Big Brother stereotypical African-Canadian...She doesn't seem to have a chip on her shoulder...She has struggled in her life but has made good...I believe only Sarah, Paul, and herself can tackle this game from an adult standpoint.
Neda...No thanks...Although out of all the women in the house I am going to like watching her meltdowns and back stabbings the most while she is in the house.
Rachelle...Another easy on the eyes...But I think she has more brains than Heather...I can see her meshing well with Sarah and Ika but, unfortunately, believe one of the self-proclaimed studs, after Heather is unavailable, may showmance her right out of the game
Sabrina...Have no use for her...Reminds me of a New Jersey Shore reject...Can see her trying to get with one of the guys then going mental when they all turn her down
Sarah...Another that I like...It must be the parent angle...She seems nice and motherly and kind and loving...The type of character that this game chews up, spits out and forgets about

My Wants (Perfect Big Brother World)
Final Four ... Paul, Sarah, Ika, Andrew
Final Two ... Ika and Paul
Winner ... Paul (although I would love to see Ika win as well)

My Feelings (The Big Brother World as we all know and love it)
Final Four - Kenny, Ika, Neda, Heather
Final Two - Ika, Neda
Winner - Ika

Just my two cents worth :)


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