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Reilly Queens:

Going In

Welcome inside the Big Brother Canada house. Get ready for a new location, new design and what is sure to be an exciting new season!

The Bedroom

Time to buddy up once again! The houseguests will have to get cozy in this Canadiana bedroom.

The HOH Room

Every week one lucky houseguest will get to live in this luxurious HOH Room. It's good to be Head of Household!

The Living Room

We're going to be seeing a lot of this space! Tune in every Thursday night at 9pm ET/PT to see who's on the block and who's going home.

The Kitchen

The houseguests will get to cook in style with this sleek circular kitchen.

The Bathroom

Sharing a bathroom with multiple housemates is no one's idea of fun, but with a bathroom like this we think this room will be a popular spot.

The Hot Tub

Big Brother Canada After Dark fans get ready, we predict things are going to get super steamy in the hot tub this season too.

The Pool

Splish splash! The houseguests are going to have a blast hanging around the spa-like pool.

The Backyard

From challenges to gossip sessions to fitness and laundry, the Big Brother Canada backyard is the place to be. Tune in to ET Canada February 24th at 7pm ET for an exclusive look inside the house.

Big Brother Canada Season 2 HOUSE TOUR - ET CANADA

The designer talking about the house:,AAAAuO4KaJE~,gatFNwSKdGDmDpIYqNJ-fTHn_c4z_LH_&bctid=3251314934001

Note the dr is visible.


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