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'Fantasy' International All-Stars Wishlist

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If there were an all-stars for any international version, who would you pick?

I've come up with two lists here.

First is The Amazing Race: International All-Stars

- Mardy & Marsio (Asia 1) - 4th Place
- Sticky & Sam (Australia 2) - 7th Place
- Jody & Cory (Canada 1) - 2nd Place
- Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er (China Rush 2) - 3rd Place
- Hadj & Yacim (France 1) - 2nd Place
- Akiva & Anaelle (Israel 2) - 3rd Place
- Daro & Esther (Latin America 5) - 2nd Place
- Frank & Ivar (Norge 1) - 4th Place
- Saida & Jervi (Philippines 1) - 5th Place
- Alexey & Olena (Ukraine 1) - 2nd Place
- Hari & Tiến Đạt (Vietnam 2) - 4th Place

And then second is The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business International

- Marc & Rovilson (Asia 2) - 3rd Place - Won 8 legs of the race but faltered at the final Roadblock, involving countries' flags.
- Richard & Joey (Australia 1) - 9th Place - Shaved their heads for a Fast Forward, but were immediately U-Turned out of the race on the following leg.
- Hal & Joanne (Canada 1) - 6th Place - Strong racers, hit with a surprise Double U-Turn and eliminated.
- Xiao Bing & Xiao Bang (China Rush 3) - 8th Place, Front-runners, eliminated when given a 30-minute penalty for merely placing their bags in the wrong spot.
- Hedi & Michel (France 1) - 4th Place - Surefire Final-3 material, eliminated by a U-Turn.
- Ma'ayan & Bat-El (Israel 3) - 3rd Place - Finished the race's final task in first place, but got lost on the way to the Finish Line.
- Too & Lili (Latin America 2) - 2nd Place - Lost a footrace to the Finish Line in the closest Amazing Race finish in history.
- Karim & Khabat (Norge 1) - 2nd Place - Set to win the race, but faltered at the final challenge.
- Fausto & Dayal (Philippines 1) - 2nd Place - Shaved their heads for a Fast Forward, which was a huge loss for Dayal, but ultimately finished in second.
- Ihor & Vasil (Ukraine 1) - 5th Place -  Very strong racers, eliminated after a horrible day in Amsterdam.
- Linh Chi & Nhan Phc Vinh (Vietnam 2) - 2nd Place - Arrived at the finish line in 1st, but were served a 30-minute penalty for traffic infractions performed by their taxi driver.

This would have to be pure fantasy. It is NEVER going to happen. Changing the title to reflect that. But fun to think about!

Lumelia and Sam & Renae for all stars at the very least. Christasia have broken up and not everyone likes them :( Also why on earth not Holly & Brett/Jet & Dave/Velina for either TARCan?

Lumelia, Big W, Michele and Jo from TARAus, Holly & Brett and Velina from TARCan, I haven't seen any other international versions.

With TARAu there are so much All-Star worthy teams if All-Stars were to be the 3rd season then there would still be worthy teams that missed out. Saying that I think Sticky and Sam aren't the most all-star worthy team you could pick. Also for Sticky & Sam and Jody & Cory it's one or the other (you can't have two amputee team)


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