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And there is a treasure trove here:

This one has Rachel/Brendon talking about her dyslexia and how it affected her reading the clue wrong...

The Amazing Race - Moving Up

After a few legs in the back, engaged couple Jessica & John rocket past Dave & Connor for a third place finish, their highest so far.

The Amazing Race - A Matter of Seconds

Cowboys Jet & Cord aren't happy with second place while the Afghanimals celebrate their first victory.

The Amazing Race - The Math Guy

Brendon explains a complicated Road Block.

The Amazing Race - Sinusoidal Wave

The Brenchels win the leg.

The Amazing Race - Foot Race

John and Jess are eliminated from the Race.

The Amazing Race - A Bunch of Asses

The Brenchels get off to a shaky start at a donkey race.

The Amazing Race - Get it Done, Picasso

The Globetrotters are eliminated from the Race.


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