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Guys - Caleb, Dexter, Alex and Ben (NOW YOU GET WHAT I MEAN, THAT THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE?)
Girls - Malaya, Emily, Jessica and Majesty

To be honest, I'm happy with the America's choices for girls, but felt that edit and planned circumstances have propelled Jessica and Ben into the Top 13. Imagine if the world didn't get to know how sad Jessica's group day is, and with her mediocre performance yesterday... she wouldn't even get to sit there.

Same with Ben. If they didn't make the voting with him and Neco, nobody will know who he is. It seems like he built up a fan base from just that random Top 15 guys spot? It's just sad. And look at Spencer, he got very negative reviews ever since he was shown to have caused his group mate a chance at her dream since he refused to rehearse more with the group.

I think those who made an impression thus far did make it through for the girls though. But the guys... they are just the same for me.

TOP 10: Include in MK, Sam Woolf (thank goodness!!)


Jena Irene Sings For Wild Card

This is GOOD. :) I like it and hope she makes it!


Bria Anai Sings For Wild Card

I think it was over the top, and I didn't like how she rolled her eyes after Harry gave his comments.

Is it just me but I haven't seen any stand out performance so far or memorable one. Not like in previous season when I saw Angie sang in Hollywood and I knew directly that she would go far. Some of the contestants have really good voice, but not selling look.

You are not alone Kamineko. I guess the only person who's a standout is MK.


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