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Confusing American Idol (Top 10 Girls)

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There are too many eliminated Idol hopefuls whose shattered dreams are not properly accounted for this season. Therefore, until Idol rectifies it, I'm going to continue using this thread to post videos. How can Jillian get cut and we not know the full story? WHAT? You mean after showing a Top 30 to us, it's in fact only a Top 20?

Then, what's the freaking point!!!!!! :groan:


According to Jennifer, Jessica Meuse was someone who "fought to be in The Top 10." With her performance of "Drink A Beer," by Luke Bryan, Jessica is hoping to prove she still has a lot of fight left in her!

She nearly didn't make the Top 15 girls, and now she's in the Top 10 girls...? Looks like Idol seems to want to milk the worth out of her. I just want to say, she's got the X Factor, but she doesn't have the best voice. She needs to start writing and singing her own songs.

Grade: B-


Stepping up to the stage, MK Nobilette performs "All Of Me" by John Legend. With the tension at an all-time high, would MK's performance set her apart from the pack?

This was a very good song choice, but same with Jessica.. she has the X Factor, she has the likability factor and her voice sends chills down my spine.

I actually wanted to listen to the song again after the song ended. That's how good she is. NOT THE BEST VOICE, but sometimes, singing is not just having a perfect voice, right?

Grade: A-


Kristen O' Connor knew she had the stage presence to perform "Turning Tables" by Adele. Would the judges still think she had what it takes to be the next American Idol?

Oh dear.. why did she have to choose such a song to sing? Nobody does Adele unless you are Candice Glover!

She has a good song and voice but I wasn't even feeling the song. Sigh.

Grade: B


Performing "Paris (Ooh La La)" by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Emily Piriz wanted a performance that stood out from the other contestants. Was Emily's mission a success?

why. oh gawd why. The contestants need a song choice crash course. She has shown so much potential and then she decided to burn it?

Grade: C


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