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Glamazon Racer:
Any Australians watching MKR so far this year?

You can probably tell by my avatar.

Glamazon Racer:
Lol, I wasn't a big fan of them but I wish they survived. It would have been so hilarious and so satisfying to see Chloe & Kelly go home. Kelly is the most pretentious snob I've ever seen.

From Group 1, I really liked Annie & Jason. I was also quite fond of Deb & Rick, Helena & Vikki and Paul & Blair. The quality seems to be MUCH highest this year than last, because last season nobody was blowing us away with their scores. This year we had really high scores from 3 of the 6 teams in the first group.

My favourite moment of Group 1 was Deb showing Manu over to a naked portrait of herself. That woman is epic! :lol:

In Group 2 my early favourites are South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland. The NSW team is not bad, kinda boring and I don't think they'll go far sadly. The Queensland team is a trainwreck and I love it. #fourthwife #trophywife The mums from SA look nice, and I like the girls from TAS.

The Victoria team is awful - why is it that every year they have to cast an awful all-male team from Victoria without a shred of personality who generally can't cook but tend to make it far. I think the same is gonna happen with these two... :res:

I missed the start of group 2. So I can't judge them until i see one of the many re-runs that are on.

From Group 1 I loved my Canberra team (they strangely remind me of YouTube from TAR22) , the dad's and the twins. I am not crazy for Mr and Mrs cheese (Jason for once stop talking about cheese), Deb & Rick and the travellers.

Yay. Canberra isn't the worst.


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