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TAR 24: John Erck & Jessica Hoel (TAR 22) "Engaged"

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I can't believe they are in this "All Star" season, but I kinda like them a bit better based on their vid.

But John's hair is still so WTF worthy :lol:

IDK if they were that memorable to be in AS with just the EP incident, but I liked them so I don't mind. :lol:

As someone who just watched every season back to back, John/Jessica were still memorable in my mind. I knew the second they left the mat after the Express Pass incident, they had "All-Stars" written all over them. By no means are the an unstoppable team, they're still weakened to couple squabbles, but Jess being an athletic girl puts her in good standing against the other ladies.

My hair looked like John's in HS, hahaha...but he is an actual surfer so it makes more sense. Jessica is a sweetie though, hoping for a good race for them to at least beat out the 3-peats.

They are like Debbie and Bianca being called back for TAR Allstars 1 because of a mistake made and then the whole world goes WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT? *cues minion*

Disliked John the first time round, wishing that they somehow get another Express Pass and not use it. :P Amanda and Kris got eliminated by yet another U-TURN in a twist of unlucky events and fate. We can only hope.

I'm sorry, I just can't even finish spelling All st

for them.

With the recent elimination, John/Jess move into my top 3 - I'm expecting them to still work alongside Meghan/Joey to an extent, and also expecting both of said teams to have a biiiiit of revenge going on the country girls. They might be from the same season, but were on opposite alliances then. The first episode did well to hide a lot of inter-team mingling and focused mostly on the tasks and not being eliminated first, but I feel like there had to be some tension.


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