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TAR 24: John Erck & Jessica Hoel (TAR 22) "Engaged"

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If I am correct, I think I saw both JJ & the cowboys getting dropped off at the same street (John Keats').

Jessica favorited my tweet to them :D such a cool team, I hope they have a great marriage.

It is indeed really sad what happened to them. Now it's pretty much too late to eliminate Jet & Cord or the Globetrotters early enough. Even if they get eliminated now, they will have been in this race for far too long... :groan:

Go Dave & Connor! Win it all!

Yeah, I agree. The cowboys were actually eliminated in 6th on UB, but the entire season seemed so full of them :lol: I just hope Brenchel, CaroJen and either Cancer or Afghanimals (pls the latter) make F3 :colors

I feel like they got eliminated right when they started to get their racing groove back. :(


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