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Ruth Myles: It ainít easy being Big Easy (and Flight Time, too) on The Amazing Race All-Stars
Posted by: Ruth Myles
April 24, 2014. 8:00 pm ē Section: Entertainment

Their parents may have named them Herbert Lang and Nathaniel Lofton, but you likely know them as Flight Time and Big Easy. The fan favourites were eliminated on this weekís episode of The Amazing Race All-Stars after they fell behind the five other teams while driving to a Detour in the historic Italian town of Civita di Bagnoregio. The Globetrotters just couldnít catch up and were last to the mat. I spoke with them separately: Flight Time in Hawaii, where he is on tour with The Harlem Globetrotters, and Big Easy at home in Miami.

Q: What was the highlight of the Race?
Big Easy: The highlight is being on the Race. Itís a pleasure. It was great to race a few legs with Luke and Margie. And it was good to meet Dave and Connor, who are cancer survivors. My dad was taken by that disease. It was good to see two guys who survived it and can show people that you can survive it.

Q: Your last episode could have been called The Amazingly Co-operative Race for all the help teams were giving each other. What do you think of it?
Big Easy: I think itís great. Thatís how we race. If we are in a pack together, and there are teams behind us, why not help each other to move on? Itís all about getting closer to the end. Why not, letís help each other to get ahead of the back of the pack. Itís a good thing. Thatís how we race, so we canít complain. (And it worked for you the previous episode when The Afghanimals gave you two the answer on the Spanish Steps.) Exactly! Thereís no way we can get upset about it if we just did it ourselves.
Flight Time: Our strategy has always been, from Season 18 to 24, is run with the pack. We feel if we are running with the pack, then we can beat the team that is behind us. In the situation last week, there was a pack and we were at the back of the pack. To be able to work together with a team knowing that there is a team behind you is a great strategy. We just wish we would have been in the pack, getting some of that help. If they had seen us at the first Detour, the strategy might have been a little different. They might have been less willing to help one another. There was no consequence in helping another team.

Q: How important is it for you to stay positive?
Big Easy: We are positive. Itís who we are. Itís not for show. You can change the frame, but the picture remains the same. Itís also because, whether we like it or not, we are role models. Little kids around the world watch us every Sunday and enjoy us. Thatís most important to us. The million dollars would be great, but for one kid to lose their belief in Flight Time and Big Easy would be unbelievable.

Q: What kept you so positive and focused, Flight Time?
Flight Time: Big Easy and me played basketball together for many years. We havenít been touring together since the second (time on the) Race, but we are used to being around each other all the time. Itís two guys hanging out, and neither one of us are guys who like to argue. And even if we do argue, in two minutes weíll move on to the next situation. I think itís also our current job situation, being part of a team that allows us to communicate well.

Q: Weíve heard from other teams how tough the competition is this year. Do you think the bar has been raised?
Big Easy: I donít think the competition is any different than any other Race. The competition is you and your teammate. You are not racing against anyone. You are racing against what you can do. The only time a competition comes into play is when the U-Turn is involved. Other than that, the other team canít do anything to make you not read the clue or make the taxi driver go the wrong way or make a person give you the wrong direction. That has nothing to do with the other teams.

Q: Big Easy, youíve been voted the most fun member of the Globetrotters. Thatís impressive.
Big Easy: I think thatís an honour. And thatís what my teammates see. Thatís who I am. Thatís what you see on the Race, thatís what you see if you walk by me at Target, thatís what when Iím working out or when Iím with my daughters (aged 14 and nine) and fiancťe on the beach. (The girls) love watching the show. My oldest daughter sad she was sad when we lost Sunday. But I travel for a living and Iím not home, so they get a chance to see Daddy on the TV every Sunday. Theyíve very excited by it. But they donít like when daddy loses.

Q: Big Easy, Iím 5í4 and I get cramped when I fly. Youíre 6í9 and 250 lb. How tough is the actual travel portion of the Race for you?
Big Easy: That is probably the biggest challenge for me on the Race: the airplanes and the taxis. People donít understand how tough it is to be in a taxi for two hours going somewhere and then have to jump out and run to get where youíre going. But Iím an athlete and I canít complain. My height has its advantages, too, so I wouldnít have it any other way.

Q: What do you enjoy about travelling?
Flight Time: With my job, I just enjoy it. Especially meeting new people and I enjoy seeing how different cultures live around the world. When we perform, I like to see how people react to what we do.

Q: We really saw that love of performing on this edition of the Race. Can you ever turn that off?
Flight Time: Itís part of what we do as entertainers. We knew at the end of the day, that the reason The Amazing Race brought us back is because we are who we are. We are fun people. What you see on the camera, is the same thing that you get off the camera. Thatís the way we are pretty much, I wouldnít say 24 hours a day, but 20 hours a day. We have to sleep sometime! We try not to take things too seriously in life. You only live once. When weíre presented with an opportunity, you need to make the most of them.

Q: Did you really carry a basketball in your backpack the whole time or did production have one?
Flight Time: People are really amazed that we carried that basketball, but yeah, we actually do carry that basketball each and every time we do the Race. We have a deflated one, so it really doesnít take up that much space. We have a deflated basketball and a little pump that inflates it within two minutes. Itís actually helped us get a little money now and then when we fell a little bit short. (laughs)

Q: What is the strength you bring to the relationship?
Flight Time: I like to think Iím pretty smart guy. That was not really evident with the donkey challenge last week, but I was a pretty good student in high school and college, made pretty good grades. I think Iím intelligent and Big Easy is intelligent, but heís a lot more physical than I am. I would say thatís his strength.

Q: Seeing as you have been so many place with work and The Amazing Race, is there someplace still on your must-do list?
Flight Time: Not really. On Season 18 (in which they finished second), two of the places we wanted to go were Australia and Brazil. We ended up going to Australia on the first leg (and also went to Brazil). . . . I havenít been back to Brazil yet, but definitely wish I could make it down for the World Cup or possibly the Olympics. Weíll see what happens. If I had won that million dollars maybe I could have made that trip to go down for the World Cup!


Have the Globetrotters learned to empathize with the Washington Generals?
By Daniel Fienberg   Sunday, Apr 27, 2014 12:30 AM

As I interview The Globetrotters, they're doing what they do best: Trotting the globe.

Nate "Big Easy" Lofton and Herb "Flight Time" Lang were eliminated from "The Amazing Race" All-Stars" on last Sunday's episode. It was the third time they've been on "The Amazing Race" and the third time they've gone home without winning, which you'd think would sting for a pair of basketball players who, by nature of their professional affiliation, never lose

Actually, you probably wouldn't think that if you've paid attention to Flight Time & Big Easy, who have earned the right to compete thrice on "Amazing Race" by virtue of their unflagging enthusiasm and their eagerness to entertain both viewers at home and every passer-by at every international location. Flight Time & Big Easy like to make people smile when they're on "The Amazing Race" and when they're not being followed by CBS cameras, they're usually still on the road making people smile.

In this case, that means that this week's "Amazing Race" exit interview was conducted at an airport, complete with deafening background noise at certain points. That's just the way the Globetrotters roll.

In their exit interview, the Globetrotters talk about their 31 Legs of "Amazing Race" experience, the recent challenges that caused them so much trouble and whether or not all of their "Race" losing has helped them empathize with the Washington Generals.

HitFix: When you guys got to the mat, you knew immediately that this was your 31st "Amazing Race" Leg, which I assume is a record. For each of you, what does that achievement mean?
Nathaniel ďBig EasyĒ Lofton: It means we need to win one, so we don't have to race so many times! Naw. It's just fun, man. It's an honor. It's a blessing to be able to do. I don't know how many people at the airport and at venues around the world are saying they wish they could do the Race, they sign up to do the Race, but they never get picked. And for us to do it three times? And I would say we've been successful. Even though we got eliminated in sixth place, we've done 31 challenges and that's fun. That's the best part of the Race, when you break it down, is doing the challenges and interacting with the people along the Race. It means a lot to. I've enjoyed and I'm proud to have the record.
Herbert ďFlight TimeĒ Lang: Yeah, definitely. We would have loved to have won out of the three times, but the thing about that is that there's no teams that have been back on "The Amazing Race" that have won, so maybe it's a personal strategy for us to continue to lose so that we'll always have the chance to come back again.

HitFix: And as soon as you guys were eliminated, I assume you did the math on the Cowboys and their Leg count. When you were out, were you rooting for them to make the Top 3 and take your record or were you rooting against them?
Big Easy: Actually, we didn't do the math. We'll figure it out whenever the show ends, we'll look at it and see whatever happened with whoever. So we really don't know. We'll see when we see.

HitFix: We didn't see much interaction, but was there any sort of special bond you had with The Cowboys and Luke & Margie as the only three-time Racers?
Flight Time: Yeah, it's definitely a different kind of relationship with the Cowboys and Luke & Margie. Moreseo with Luke & Margie, because we actually worked with them a little bit in a couple different situations. With the Cowboys, we always liked the Cowboys and we never had any issues with the Cowboys, but the Cowboys are always a team that, over their Race time, they've always raced alone. They've never really partnered up with anyone. The first time I've really seen them partner up is when they gave the girls the Express Pass. Otherwise, they've always been like the Lone Rangers.

HitFix: The past couple weeks there have been a lot of team-ups and, as you say, the Cowboys gave the Country Girls the Express Pass. It seems like we've had a lot more alliance-driven racing in the past couple years. Since you go way back with the show, how do you guys feel about the alliance-heavy nature of "Amazing Race" today?
Flight Time: Our thing is always, we kept saying over and over again, "Just don't come in last, don't come in last." And the thing about it is that when you're running with a pack and you know you've got people behind you, as long as you know that you're safe, you don't mind helping somebody else, because you never know when you'll need that other team. Perfect example: Yesterday, you had three teams basically running together. You had the Country Girls, you had the Afghanimals and you had Dave & Connor working together, because they knew that at least one team was behind them. So once you can complete a challenge, it's like an [muffled] experience and you're on to the next one and you know that you're safe to that point, so I definitely understand it. It makes sense. Unfortunately for us, this time we weren't able to get in that pack, catch up and get some of that help.
Big Easy: We would have worked with somebody if we'd had the chance, but like he said, we just weren't there in time. We weren't getting correct directions. People weren't speaking English. It just was one of those days. I like the alliances, not the alliance, but I like when people are in a situation where they can help someone and they do. I think whoever helps you out in that aspect... Sometimes you might need something and if you helped someone in the Leg before, they'll help you, but you had an opportunity to help but then you needed [muffled] I think it's a good thing. I don't believe in the cutthroat and the backstabbing. That's not who we are as a time, so I don't like to see it.
Flight Time: One thing that's for sure: The Brenchels and Dave & Connor don't have any kind of alliance going on.

HitFix: OK, then. Give me your read on that U-Turn fight. Did the Brenchels do anything wrong in that situation?
Big Easy: I personally think that, hey, that's a part of the Race. The reason I think they didn't do anything wrong is because they didn't go into the U-Turn saying they were gonna U-Turn Dave & Connor. They actually were gonna U-Turn The Cowboys because of the Express Pass, but when they were doing the task, they saw Dave & Connor right behind them, so they U-Turned them. Now personally, me and Flight Time wouldn't have used the U-Turn, but I can see why they used it.
Flight Time: I think in the previous couple Legs there might have been a little bit of shuffling between those two teams. At the gas-pumping station they might have had a few words and then definitely at the chariot-racing, there were a couple times that Dave felt like the Brenchels were purposely running into their cart, so I think it's something that just kinda builds up, which made it easier for Brendon to actually do the U-Turn. You noticed that Rachel, she didn't really want to do it, but Brendon was like, "We need to do it," so who knows?

HitFix: You guys knew you were leaving at the start of the last Leg at basically the same time as the Afghanimals. I'm forgetting... Did you guys see any other teams at any point during that last Leg?
Flight Time: Yeah, if you noticed, when we pulled up to the actual city, the teams were running across the bridge, running to their cars. So yeah, we saw them. And we were there at the same time with the Afghanimals, because went to build the the cart while we were actually riding around. I wish we could have gotten a peek at how they built it and it had the crate on it. It definitely would have helped us out.

HitFix: I wanted to talk about that. There were those two tasks in the last couple Legs that tripped you guys up. There was the clue on the Spanish Steps and then there was the Donkey Build. Is that kind of thing where, when the Leg is done, you're able to piece together what went wrong? Or did you have to figure it out watching it on TV?
Flight Time: With the Build the Donkey, we found out after the Leg was over. After we got eliminated they told us what it was. I was telling some of my people, I said, "With the Donkey and the Steps, if it wasn't for people helping me, I would still be there right now."

HitFix: But OK, what is your reaction when you hear what it was that you missed? Do you hit yourself in the head and go "Oh duh!" or was it really what you just said and you think you never were going to figure it out?
Big Easy: The thing with the donkey and the crate, I told him on TV, "I don't have nothing for you, dawg." We didn't know! We read the clue. We looked at it. We looked around. It just was one of those little puzzles on the Race that got us. The Race always has little bitty things and if you don't catch it, you don't get it. But if you look at it, out of everybody on those six teams and the five of us who were there, only Dave figured out that you had to put the crate on the back for the wood. Everyone else was stumped and would have been stumped. It just goes to show you that when you get in that pack and you're able to get help, it pays off.
Flight Times: With the Spanish Steps, like I said, I would have never figured that out, but with the donkey there was a bit of a "Duh" moment, but it's easier, definitely, sitting on the couch as a spectator and a fan going, "The crate! The crate! The crate!" Watching with my teammates last night, they were like, "The crate! The crate!" I'm like, "Yeah. I see the crate. What about the crate? If you're actually in that situation, it's different." Yeah, it would have been nice to have figured it out, but it wasn't meant to be. We went back and we rode the donkeys. They brought some fresh donkeys out and we completed it within one try.
Big Easy: When you're watching it on TV and the camera keeps showing the crate, of course you know it's the crate, you know? But when you've just come off a stubborn donkey who didn't want to move and you ran across a beautiful landscape and you're running and a lot of stuff happened with your car? You just can't think of the crate at that time! But it was good, though. It was fun. We enjoyed it. If we had to do it again, we'd probably get stuck at that crate again.

HitFix: You talked at the beginning about how you keep doing the Race and you keep losing. Well, you guys have an interesting job, in that  you're on a basketball team that never loses. [They laugh.] Talk about this different experience on "The Amazing Race" and what it's like to keep losing?
Flight Time: Well, the experience is that we keep losing because they keep bringing us back. If we win, they won't bring us back.
Big Easy: My thing is that we keep losing, but we're winning too. Flight Time and I are heading to Hawaii right now. I just finished a tour up in Canada. And when I was in Canada, people were like, "We can't wait to watch you this weekend. Our family loves watching you two. We love the way you two Race. You're good role-models for the kids. Thank you for what you do every Sunday. We let our kids stay up late on a school night to watch you." That's winning. If we can do something on the show and Flight Time and myself can say one thing during one of those episodes to bring a kid who gets bullied or a kid with low self-esteem an uplifting experience? We win. We win! We're winning and we're winning over and over again.

HitFix: Does the "Amazing Race" experience give you any new or different empathy for the Washington Generals? [They laugh.]
Flight Time: No. No empathy at all for them. No empathy. [He chuckles.] We've definitely got the best job in the world, because that we do win pretty much all the time. Like you said, we continue to lose on "The Amazing Race," but like Big Easy says, we don't lose. It's all fun and games at the end of the day. You can't too serious. Some people take it too serious and end up worse off than when they went on there. In the past, you got couples that split up after it's over with and people who aren't friends anymore, but with us? We've still got the best job in the world and Big Easy and I? We still continue to hang out and see what happens next for us.

HitFix: Going off of that... How are Flight Time and Big Easy different from the Flight Time and Big Easy we met in Season 15 and Season 18? How are you different as friends and as a team?
Big Easy: We friends. We're always gonna be friends. I think nothing we ever do on or off the court could break the bond that me and him have. We're good friends. He's the best man at my wedding. I'm about to get married and that's my guy! No matter what happens on TV or off TV, we're gonna always be good. I think different from doing the Race with Flight Time, I definitely have calm, I'm relaxed. Too much don't bother me. A few things could happen right now that I would react different to because of watching Flight Time on the Race and being stuck with him in a hotel for 20 or 30 days at a time, I've realized that some stuff you just need to let go and let it be. It'll work itself out. I definitely am a more relaxed and calm person now.
Flight Time: I'd say I'm pretty much the same person. I probably weigh about five or 10 pounds more than I did back then. I probably would say that I've changed in the sense where we have so many new fans as a result of being on "The Amazing Race," so that just makes me moreso being on my P's and Q's and trying to do the right things at all times.

HitFix: The second time you guys did this, the season was Unfinished Business, but you didn't win then or now. Do you still feel like you have Unfinished Business with "The Amazing Race"?
Big Easy: I don't think we're gonna ever be finished with "The Amazing Race." We might come out with our own "Amazing Race ourself" around the world and just go into places and just start running with people. Maybe we'll beat them?
Flight Time: We'll go into countries and just race the locals.


Just watched the episode they got eliminated :'(

They were likeable. But for me, they shouldn't have been cast. I just don't care about three-peaters, and they are meh until their last few legs.

they were truly entertaining this entire season. as with leo and jamal.

leo and jamal are actually my favourite team right now. SHOCKER SHOCKER SHOCKER SHOCKER SHOCKER.

but a soft spot always for the country singers, but with the girls, i have no hope for to win. they are just luck racers.


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