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TAR 24: David O'Leary & Connor O'Leary (TAR 22) "Father/Son"

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--- Quote from: paradoxinee on May 05, 2014, 07:55:59 AM ---When Dave said that he is old to the bull players, people are like 'Shut up' but when Rachel said that she is a girl to the bull players and bitching, people are like 'She is a queen'.   :res:

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Saying 'I am a girl' to get out of it is rather stupid/annoying I agree but Rachel A) has not formed a personal vendetta against said bull players, B) has not gotten all other teams to gang up on said bull players, and C) actually has semblances of entertainment on our screen therefore we are less inclined to dislike her and what she is doing.

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Air <3

I want them to win, have been rooting for them since they were revealed to be on the race on the early contestant spoiler thread. I want a Father/son team to win the race just get that out of the combinations that still haven't won a season.

I want a poetic victory... I want the Father/Son Cancer Survivor team, that quit because of an injury on their first season after winning 2 legs in a row, to comeback, race an overall really good race, and take the prize home... I think it would be an amazing way to close a TAR cycle with this "All-Star" season.


--- Quote from: gamerfan09 on April 27, 2014, 09:06:30 PM ---These two are a DISGRACE to not only Parent/Child teams, but even Older aged teams. So so disgusted they won CARS for acting like two whiny bitches for a whole leg.  :res:

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YESSSS SO TRUE, if they win, theyll be worse than Josh & Brent.

I'm feeling the love on RFF this season, hating on Dave and Connor/Cowboys and immense love for Brenchel, Leo and Jamal and country singers.

Faith in humanity restored. It got destroyed when I scroll through TAR FB comments all the time.

Dave: I want to be the oldest winner in TAR ever. And Connor will be the youngest. (...) We want to be the first parent and child team to win it.


Dave: I am doing this for Connor.

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