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TAR 24: David O'Leary & Connor O'Leary (TAR 22) "Father/Son"

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--- Quote from: Airlines on January 27, 2014, 07:31:00 PM ---I fear for their edit this season, I mean if they got such a big presence on TAR22, ugh.

--- End quote ---

Expect a crying Dave every minute while they Race. :res:

I didn't like them in TAR 22 and I don't expect to like them any better now.

I think it's really heart warming that he gets so choked up. I mean c'mon, if you and your son both had cancer, you both survived it, ran the Amazing Race, won 1st place on 2 legs, AND your kid says "I'd rather finish 8th with my dad than win a million bucks with any other team", you'd be sobbing your pants off too! He doesn't strike me as the cry for media attention type, though even if he was, this is the kind of team really deserving of being on the race with a great opportunity to win, not a team that was placed by production for entertainment as past reality stars or models.

I would love to see the first parent/child team win - I have doubts that it'll be them or Margie/Luke, though...even if Dave recovered, he's still going to be overly cautious with his Achilles. Hopefully they do get some good edits and some good results. S22 <3

I like this guys, hopefully they are gonna get away from the Cancer edit that they got last time, and not focus too much on how they left the race last time... Hopefully will see them put the past in the past and focus on how they are racing in this new season. Early rooting just because I would love to see a Father/Son team to win :D

Also is it Connor or Conner?

As long as they don't get a cancer-related confession EVERY SINGLE WEEK, I'll root for them.


--- Quote from: Jobby on January 29, 2014, 12:16:20 PM ---As long as they don't get a cancer-related confession EVERY SINGLE WEEK, I'll root for them.

--- End quote ---

We're totally gonna get "The Dave & Connor Show" :res:


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