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TAR 24: Cord McCoy & Jet McCoy (TAR 16+18) "Cowboys"

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I just have to say that they weren't necessary last time, and they are not this time either.

I actually take a different approach to these two than the Globetrotters...I don't know why they're back again either, but I do like them much better as a team. They actually make a lot of quips and provide bro-like commentary in their interviews. Globes are just less fun other than a occasional chest bump. The cowboys really enjoy it...who knows, maybe they'll work closely with another team for once.

In terms of Cord speaking twice as much as Jet, I think they do ask them a bunch of other questions and Jet's just dont' get shown (additionally, he might just not want to say anything he'll regret, haha.)

That is the same pose as season 16.

Seriously, guys. I would say even I am funnier and more entertaining than them with their repetitive western music they get when they receive their clues. And I have not even raced for a first time. 3? Seriously?



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