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TAR 24: Jennifer Wayne & Caroline Cutbirth (TAR 22) "Country Singers"

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Country Singers <333

Second fave team!

They were angels who stole my heart in their first season. Hope they do well this time round!

HitShop Records Adds Cutbirth, Wayne To National Promotions Team

Jessica Nicholson • January 27, 2014 • 

HitShop Records President Skip Bishop has appointed Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Wayne to the label’s promotion department with the unique title, National Promotion, Special Operations. Together as a team, they will concentrate on radio promotions and marketing with a laser focus on impacting major markets.

More here:

I really like them on their season, and without Bates&Anthony overshadowing them I think we could see them shine on their own :D

Their appearance is a pleasant surprise for me. Loved them on TAR 22 and am glad that producers decided to give them another shot despite their weak/mediocre performance last time round. TBH, they did do better than Mona and Beth and Joey and Meghan on certain legs.. so if Youtube are in this cast, so do they deserve a second chance. <333


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