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TAR 24: Jennifer Wayne & Caroline Cutbirth (TAR 22) "Country Singers"

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Glad to see Country Singers back! I really think they will be one of the surprises of the season.

Reilly Queens:
Glad to see they have more self esteem this year. Hearing about their training I have high hopes.

Mister RC:
Yeah, as mentioned, without the Hockey Bros in the race, we'll get to see what they're all about.  They might be worse or they might be better.  Of course, their gamble in their first leg of Season 22 shows that they're ready to do whatever it takes to win.

(Edited to remove a speculation/spoiler.)

The Country Singers, Jen and Caroline, wrote a song about their return to the race.  It's over on Yahoo!,

Is there any relationship between Caroline and Jaymes from season 21 ? :wohoo:
It looks like Caroline loves Jaymes so much


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