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TAR 24: Leo Temory & Jamal Zadran (TAR 23) "Cousins"

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I was pretty neutral to the Afghanimals throughout Season 23 but the last few legs they actually were a good team and I did find myself rooting for them. Hopefully they continue that during this season.

Amongst this pretty horrid cast, they're actually one of my faves ;) And I strongly disliked them last season, except for the few last episodes... :lol:
But seriously, they're much easier to watch this time around and despite their little argument with NaNa, I think they're also not annoying!

My opinion of this team has totally changed for the better :umn:

I really like them this time around, but their camwhoring at times still sucks as much as it did on TAR23. :P

But they're the only tolerable M/M, so I hope they win a leg soon!

SO many M/M this season. None of them are routable, except for this two. I hope they make it as fas as they did it last time, and hoping they can win a leg, eventually.

Yes, they are much better this time.  I can be happy when they accomplish something before other teams.


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