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EW: Meet the ALL Star Teams!


'The Amazing Race' 24: Meet the All-Star teams!

11 pairs return for a new $1 million globe-trotting journey premiering Feb. 23

By Annie Barrett   on Jan 26, 2014 

Season 24's 11 returning teams including fan favorites The Globetrotters, The Cowboys, Dave & Connor, and more will travel through four continents and nine countries including China, Malaysia, Italy, and Sri Lanka. In a dramatic twist, one team won't even make it to the starting line! The action begins Sunday, Feb. 23 on CBS.,,20780005,00.html#30090788


Leo Temory, 27, and Jamal Zadran, 26

--- Quote ---Season 23's fourth-place finishers polarized some other teams but gradually grew on viewers. Self-dubbed ''The Afghanimals,'' these friendly cousins live to entertain a crowd
--- End quote ---

Brendon Villegas, 33, and Rachel Reilly, 30

--- Quote ---The newlyweds ended season 20 in third place after Rachel — the 13th winner of CBS' Big Brother — refused to shave her head.
--- End quote ---

Jennifer Wayne, 31, and Caroline Cutbirth, 30

--- Quote ---The friends and country singers (members of the band Stealing Angels) flew relatively under the radar to a fourth-place finish in season 22 — so they may not be considered a threat.
--- End quote ---

Cord McCoy, 33, and Jet McCoy, 23

--- Quote ---Dubbed ''The Cowboys'' in season 16 (they finished second) and season 18 (they finished sixth), the Oklahoma brothers are the only team to survive a non-elimination, complete a speed bump, and place first in a leg following a last place finish
--- End quote ---

David O'Leary, 59, and Connor O'Leary, 22

--- Quote ---David's ruptured Achilles tendon and torn calf muscle sidelined the father-son pair, both of whom have survived cancer, in season 22. They finished eighth.
--- End quote ---

Herbert ''Flight Time'' Lang, 37 and Nate ''Big Easy'' Lofton, 32

--- Quote ---The friends and Harlem Globetrotters finished fourth in season 15 and second in season 18 — when Big Easy memorably had trouble unscrambling five letters to spell 'Franz'. This time, the calm-under-pressure teammates are going for gold.
--- End quote ---

John Erck, 28, and Jessica Hoel, 27

--- Quote ---The Minnesota couple, now engaged, finished ninth in season 22 — the only team with an Express Pass to ever be eliminated.
--- End quote ---

Margie O'Donnell, 56, and Luke Adams, 28

--- Quote ---Luke has been deaf since birth, so the mother-son team can strategize in secret through sign language. Host Phil Keoghan memorably signed to indicate their first-place finish in season 14's Switzerland leg. They ended up in third place on that first run, then placed eighth in season 18
--- End quote ---

Natalie Anderson, 27, and Nadiya Anderson, 27

--- Quote ---The twins from Edgewater, New Jersey finished fourth in season 21 and have become Crossfit devotees since then. They still both think the other one screams too much. But at least they're passionate about the job!
--- End quote ---

Joseph ''Joey'' Graceffa, 22, and Meghan Caramena, 26

--- Quote ---The best friends and YouTube hosts finished fifth in season 22. Having teamed up with Mona and Beth that season, they plan to ''avoid alliances like the PLAGUE!'' this time around, promises Meghan.
--- End quote ---

William ''Bopper'' Minton, 43, and Mark Jackson, 47

--- Quote ---The unemployed Kentucky friends finished fifth in season 20. They're racing again to earn money for Bopper's sick daughter and raise awareness about Clay County, the third-poorest county in the U.S.
--- End quote ---,,20780005_30090784,00.html#30090788


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