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S28: Sarah Lacina (Brawn)

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another pre-season fave!

Ooh, she reminded me of Betsy <3 Police officers FTW.
She's one of my pre-game favourites (like, TOP 5 or so), but I really gotta see her on TV to love her! :hrt: I'm just hoping my remote 6th sense that she goes very early isn't true :(

Glamazon Racer:
Absolutely LOVING Sarah so far! <33333333333333333

She possesses all three of Brains, Brawn and Beauty perhaps unlike any other player, and I think she has the physical prowess, strategic awareness and social presence to really be a force!

Go Sarah! :hoot: :hoot:

I don't like her, neither do I like Tony. I think I just really like Trish and Lindsay. :funny:

I liked her quite a bit. She is smart, astute, very observant...hope she does well!


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