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S28: Sarah Lacina (Brawn)

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I wasn't sure about Sarah pre-game but she has changed my opinion entirely!

I do think she'll grow on me though. I hope she kicks Tony ass though. So annoying, that guy.

Glamazon Racer:
Go Sarah <3 So fierce! :hrt:

I thought she was gonna be way more butch and big but she actually is quite feminine. Althought, she looks like the perfect stereotype of a female who joined the police/army etc so I can see why they chose her. Between the 2 cops, I prefer Tony, but I am not hating on Sara either. Good luck!

I really liked Sarah up until the merge when she started being cocky and feeling on top of the food chain.. :/ Which perhaps she was, but just... ghh, she's a perfect example of how you can totally ruin your game despite being in a huge power position.


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