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S28: Morgan McLeod (Beauty)

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She seems like a really nice person. Not a dumb blonde, definitely, from my point of view.  :hoot: I just hope she DOES act the way she says in her interview.

P.S. just want to point out the lapdancy background music....... :lol:

Ummmm so surprised she's not the first one gone, both from the game AND her tribe. Though I think now with the tribe swap she isn't going to be a target, too.
I know think she's dumb and vain, though :groan:

I still love her but she needs to come back to the forefront for me to appreciate her more. Thankfully next week she seems to be doing just that. Kass vs Morgan will hopefully be a feud that makes them both better

I really expected Morgan to be very bad at the game, then she turned out a bit better in the beginning, but overall she has not been a good player at all :lol: I mean she really was childish with her 'arguments' against LJ after being isolated, Jeremiah after voting out Brice and Kass, when Morgan finally had her torch snuffed. Only I think that it wasn't strategic at all to get her out, like, just take Morgan to the F3 and have a 50% chance of winning, because she won't get no votes :lol:
I'm just glad that she had a great experience and enjoyed it, as mentioned in her exit interview. :)

She was definitely the eye candy at least :funny: And now she'll look even prettier after washing and else at Ponderosa :D

Can't wait to see Morgangoddess and her fierce jury questioning IF Kass makes the FTC <3


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