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Hey. I heard of this new show on SyFy called Opposite Worlds.

I am not exactly sure how the format works or how the players get kicked off but it look interesting.

I was going to give this show a shot to see what's it's like.

I totally got Survivor Fiji vibes though...if you catch my drift.


--- Quote from: Spitty2013 on January 20, 2014, 11:08:47 PM ---I totally got Survivor Fiji vibes though...if you catch my drift.

--- End quote ---
I see what you mean.

Long time no see, y'all

I am going to try and do a write up on this show after each episode. It will be more along the lines of a slight recap with major editorial remarks. I will start with tonight's show updated tomorrow as I have yet to watch tonight's episode. (I work a graveyard shift and have plenty of time on my hands  :) ).

I was really intrigued by the promos for this show and had to watch just to see how everything panned out. So far, after three episodes, I am suckered in and find myself tweeting and interacting with the show.

For those who do not know the premise, it is 12 people divided up into two teams; one with the luxury of living in the future and the other with the constraints of living in the past (stone age). Think a reality/survival Jetsons vs Flintstones.

There is a "Worldly Competition", in which the teams battle against one another. The victor chooses which "time period" they will live in. After the "Worldly Competition", the competitors choose one "decider" for their team. The decider is immune from elimination and has the duty to choose the two people who will battle in the elimination competition. The only catch is that America chooses which of the two deciders actually gets to pick the elimination task's players.

America also, via Twitter, decides the most and least liked players. These two people will either get a reward or a punishment.

In the first episode, there was a sprained finger, what looked to be an injured shoulder and a broken leg suffered, all by one team.

It should end up being a pretty good show. I hope.

A little more on the show and the first three episodes before a recap of episode four.

Twelve contestants were broken into 2 teams of 6. One team, named Chronos, was sent into the future house. The future is an all white, all inclusive, clean house. State of the art everything is encompassed in the house. All of the lapopf luxury amenities, blinged out bathroom, body forming mattresses, a house voice that speaks to you and that you can speak to and ask for things such as temperature changes for the house, "elitist" food and drink, are present. The contestants are decked out in white attire that looks stylish and futuristic. Conversely, the team named Epoch, is sent to the past house. This side of the house looks exactly like a cave. Rocks and sticks are strewn all around place. No heat, light stock of meat and vegetables, crude bedding, hole in the floor toilet are what these contestants have to endure. Their dress is exactly like you would expect it, fur and skin loin cloths and tops. Just the bare essentials.

The two worlds are separated by a glass window that runs the length of the house. Both sides can see what the others have to deal with. Needless to say, the past is definitely jealous of the future.

The show airs on the SyFy Network on Tuesday (recap show) and Wednesday (Live elimination show).

I will use the spoiler function for those who choose to watch the first four episodes on their own.

Team Chronos

Danielle, Personal Trainer, 25, Arizona:Show content Not sure about her just yet. She seems to be a follower rather than a leader; Will probably last until whatever twist they have somewhere down the line.Frank, Firefighter, 35, New York: Show contentOhhhh, do not get me started on this douche nozzle. This guy is a reason I hold little respect for New York/New Jersey types. Muscled headed jerk who will boss and push people around to get his agenda met.Jeffry, Non-Profit Coordinator, 25, California: Show contentThe game's homosexual player, although this has not come up in the game, as far as we can tell. Already thinking further in the game. Have a feeling that this will bite him in the rear before the game really gets going. Physically weak but may prove mentally adept if a mental challenge shows up.Jesse, Stylist, 34, California:Show content I actually like Jesse. No one else does on the show or in America it seems. He's blunt, to the point and doesn't mince words. He has already stated that he has a consistent target on his head.Lisette, Nurse, 32 California:Show content She seems to have a very good head on her shoulders. She is out spoken but not to the annoying level. I can see her taking this to the end. I won't like it but she very easily could.Mercy, Operations Manager, 24, California: Show contentNew to the game, per episode 3. On first impressions seems like a player that I will not like one teeny tiny bit. I think she will get under the skin of her team and wear out her welcome fairly quickly.Rachel, Professional Gamer. 27, California: Show contentAlready Eliminated. Not a surprise one bit. Just sad that her spoiled rotten personality didn't get a chance to experience cavemen times. That would have been funny.
Team Epoch coming soon!!!!


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