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Big Brother Canada Season 2 Live Feed Discussion Thread 3/5/14

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Wanna talk about what you saw, heard or read about BB Canada  on the live feeds? Do it here!! :conf:

This thread will be unlocked once the season starts

Reilly Queens:
Ika nominated already? Grr. I hope she doesn't go tomorrow.

That HoH room looks like a mess already :res:

Reilly Queens:
Ika/Neda are an alliance. THey've been talking about getting a girls alliance together with Rachelle/Sarah/Sabrina and Jon getting in via Rachelle(whos showmancing with Jon already) and Heathers involved too I think but at a need to know basis.

These girls are catty  and the guys  are laid back  except for Adel

Lordy, we are pigs LOLLOL  what has it been, one week???

From what I have pieced together, Paul nom'd Anick and Andrew - first guy and girl off, Andrew won Veto, and Ika is replacement nom.

take it with a grain, as I'm speculating on what I heard and read.


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