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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 3/5/14 -3/12/14

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The HG's are aware that the feeds are live

Sabrina and adel

sabrina why would they put my name out there

Adel: it doesnt mean anything at all  I only told one person

sabrina it was a girl who told me

 adel no i told a guy


 ADEL  i know it had to be a girl that said that then i feel closer  and better now  knowing it was a girl

sabrina out of the girls i might not be a fierce competitor but ive got your back . do you think there is a real guys alliance?

 adel yeah i think  there is  i know if i last long enough someone will pull me into thier crew

 Sabrina it will be next week that the house will be divided

sabrina im helping you out and no one wants to do that  they dont want to better your game.

 adel i know they lie i just want to get far enough where they pull me into thier team

sabrina and adel bust up the pow wow..

sabrina i hope you know im not a bad girl

adel i know you are safe thanks..


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