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Kenny it's so funny how they all just jumped ship.. like heather went with them so fast

Andrew  im still freaked out that that Jon

Kenny I think he freaked out cause i am close to you


I'm taking a break before the aired show tonight! be back later! :waves:

Reilly Queens:
Houseguests got a penalty no hot water for 48 hours for not waking up when BB tells them too

Sabrina is complaining that they got punished for the  hot wter being turned off for 48 hrs is  because of arlie

 Sabrina he was walking around complaining about not being able to sleep and them waking him up

Sabrina you dont ahve all the girl drama you guys are guys.. and then Neda is crushing on Jon

 Kenny really?

 Sabrina yeah neda was crying when Jon came back

 Sabrina  has a big mouth!! :blahblah


Time to lock this thread down and move on over to a NEW WEEK! Thanks everyone! :waves:,29844.0.html


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