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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 3/5/14 -3/12/14

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 :conf: This will be for  the LIVE FEED ONLY Thread.

It's still unclear if  the US fans can legally watch it.

If you live in Canada and want to  update  AWESOME this is the place to do it!! :tup:

This will be unlocked once the season starts   :wohoo:

Here we go!! we're live!!

HG's are eating dinner and others are sitting chatting

 paul you think we can speak another language in the house. i should go on a rampage and see if they stop me.. he begins speaking spanish

Not much going on right now

 Ika i should have said that did i put you in jeopardy? next time i'll talk to you before i say anything

 heather no you are good.

Sabrina is in bed


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