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HOH comp Before and After

 Neda  I already miss this guy

 Sab adel said he would throw himself off a bridge start thinking about a bridge bud!

 Heather we neerd to get sabrian out next

 Jon im going to  miss that guy

Sabrain im not leaving this house with out that 100K

 Jon We agree'd taht  we werent going to tell adel the turth that arisa would but Neda  told him..

 Neda  i told Adel

 Jon why did you do that..


jon in DR I dont know why she did this for a jury vote or what

 Neda DR of course it was for a jury  vote i want adel to be mad at everyone  else but me

Jon this is a mistake that you never have made in the game before

 Neda in DR I have to do this  for my game.. i love this guy and i dont want to hurt him

 Jon there is not  you or me there is us

 Neda in DR jon you ahve to be a fool to think that im playing this game for us.. im playing it for me.

 Neda  thre is alot fo pressure in the game on me i just sent Adel home and jon is mad at me so i ahve to win this HOH.. I want to win this so badly

 Sabrina i  havent won anything in this game i want to win this

HOH Before or after

1) before

 2) after

3) before

4) after


6) After

 Neda downs 2 sabs ahead 6 heather with 5

7) After


 8) after

 9) After

10) after

 3 way tie

11) after

12 final question


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