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BB Canada: Live Show Discussion 3/5/14

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Bedrooms are upstairs :O

Arisa - redesigned and rebuilt,  backyard is a luxurious escape and battleground.  Losers Have nots, - Half Not, including the furniture.

Top secret War room to stragegize in.

Here come the guests

First five - Sabrina 25, Kenny - 25 says he looks like a lumberjack, but he's gay LOL, Andrew 27, calls himself a beer geek.  Arlie - occupation currently working out for BB.  doesn't want a motherly type in the house.  Saraah 32 mother of two, not really putting down soccer mom's, but....

Audience gives a standing O

In they go

Introductions all around, they go get beds, but can't find the bedroom.  Bedroom is upstairs.  Call themselves the first 5

Kyle is a douche! lol

Ika reveals she had a child at 17. She seems like she can go far.

Reilly Queens:
IKA to be a canadian danielle reyes please
and anick is so quirky lol


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