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POV continues

POV continue:

Ika Sabrina is crying her way to the top..  right now i dont know what their plan is.

Jon's pool party he's got 2 minutes to get down and swim a lap

heather's walk it off 10,000 steps per day till eviction

rachelle's hotdog who's hungry for a wiener!

Arlie gets a mission from Marsha the moose

 first cut that hair off you look like road kill  take each person and tell them 1 horrible thing about each of them and if you fail you will be punished and it wont be pretty

Arlie hits each housegust

 Allison is fat

Adel annoys him when he;s trying to sleep

 Jon stinks

 Heahter's voice grinds his ears

 Neda is sick and twisted

Sabrina you are annoying and emotional

 Kenny you think you are better than me

Arlie kenny's reaction is better than i could ever imagine  he takes it to heart

Kenny breaks downa nd cries :lol3:

Ika the wya you look at me is you  like the devil looking at me inside  and the shape of you r booty is delicious

Task completed

 Arlie i love you

 Alrie jumps up and kisses marsha

 marsha dont tell peter!


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