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round 2

Rachelle is out she won a pool party for 1  every time she hears a horn she has to take a lap she gives the prize to Jon rachelle takes Jon's veto

Round 3

Allison eliminated wins cash prize  trades for veto

round 4

heather eliminated wins Hot doggin it

heather trades the money from rachelle with the hot dog

Allison over the veto?

heather  i took teh moeny cuz kenny or sarah ae going to take it from me anyway

Kenny losses round 5 trades his slop pass for the cash

Kenny if heather had the veto i would have traded  to her and  if i won veto i would ahve used it on allison anyway

 Sarah wins gets a walk it off  trades to heather for the slop pass

 kenny wins  $18.35

Allison wins Veto

Allison in DR Sarah i owe you

Heather right now I suck hard on this

 Ika in DR when i see kenny and sarah pass on the veto i know what is up next

POV continues

POV continue:

Ika Sabrina is crying her way to the top..  right now i dont know what their plan is.

Jon's pool party he's got 2 minutes to get down and swim a lap

heather's walk it off 10,000 steps per day till eviction

rachelle's hotdog who's hungry for a wiener!

Arlie gets a mission from Marsha the moose

 first cut that hair off you look like road kill  take each person and tell them 1 horrible thing about each of them and if you fail you will be punished and it wont be pretty


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