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This season is the first time in a long time that I was able to even watch all of an audition episode, much less two of them. The new judging panel with Harry added to the mix is a home run, he does the Simon role even better than Simon, and is more honest and direct about his criticisms in the auditions. And I am pleased that the joke/bad/stupid auditions have all but disappeared, it was one thing I refused to watch once the old regime made those the heart of the pre-Hollywood stage.

It'll be interesting to see how they handle the voting since AT&T is no longer a sponsor of AI. Dial Idols days may have come to an end, as most of the voting seems to be online or by text these days,

I am also able to get through the audition episodes.. as I also refused to watch the bad auditions because I just don't like the idea of laughing at people's inability to sing...



Wow, I really liked Jillian's singing. Is he the next American Idol?

I am really liking the judges this year, especially Harry Connick Jr. He is the stability they needed to make the judging work. He doesn't seem afraid to tell the wanna-be singers what they need to hear but he does it in a much nicer way than Simon Cowell and it makes it much easier to watch the auditions.   


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