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In a week! Excited because I finally love all the judges! They finally got it righhhht!

Toutou Monde:
I would never understand the infatuation some people have with Jennifer Lopez... yes she is pretty, yes she can do a choreography but her singing is HIDEOUS!  99% of the time she lip sings, without the help of 'technology' she will sound pretty bad.  She should continue being a successful business woman and let the singing and acting to those who have real natural talent, pleeeeease!

Just watched for about 20 minutes and there are SO MANY of them sing with guitar?! :o :o :o

If WGWG happens again  :groan:

ZBC Company:
so far so goood it does not feel idol anymore ryan not funny exicted guy anymore love ideal of the chamber but took out the wroster bits love those


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