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:hiya, daeys!  :bigwelcome to the R.F.F.!

OK. Full Honesty here... I don't know what this means... Looks Official... But what?  :crazy:

In that video after a HUUUUUUUGE build up, around 3:40, Jaime Arellano is announced as an official Co-host for THE AMAZING RACE LATINOAMERICA and also this tweet:

If you look at the video the guy doesn't even know what is going on... looks like production took the decision for him  ???... I don't quite understand what is going on or what would his role be on the race... but both Toya Montoya & Jaime Arellano will host TARLA6...


With all of this I'm just thinking TAR Ecuador that was talked about a while ago was mixed with the official TAR Latin America...  ???

I can't make the research right now, but here you guys... all yours!

Very interesting. It does sound/look official.

I was looking thru the other topic (on TAR Ecuador, here:,29830.0.html) to learn more.

1. I doubt they are going to film a TAR for a small country with a small audience.

2. I doubt the entire race would take place in Ecuador.

3. Most likely explanation: TARLA6 might have its starting point in Ecuador (first leg) and thus the new Ecuadorian co-host, the "agreement" with the tourism ministry, the local channel that will broadcast the show, etc.

 :welcome: to RFF daeys!!

SO confused about the race. ???

Some additional research...

This lady works on TARLA - her name is on the credits:
Analia Iribarren Qué lindaaa!! Cuando volvés Melyy?? July 18 at 4:14pm
Melyna Deluchi Vuelvo a fin de Agosto si el Universo lo permite !!! July 18 at 4:38pm
So apparently she expects to be back home at the end of August (maybe that's the end of filming).

This is a quote from the show director a few days ago on Twitter:
"Tengo proyectos internacionales y no sé si encontraré pasaje" Marco Colantoni
"I have international projects and I don't know if I will find plane tickets" (talking about the situation in Venezuela)


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