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The Detour Editing Last Time

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At TAR23's Japan leg, when Phil was explaining the detour, he only explained the full details when the team got to the detour location. Do you like this kind of editing? I wanna see others' opinion about this. I say: I don't think it matters to me. :reindeer

I found it a bit odd because there could of been the possibility that all teams chose the same side of the Detour and we possibly might not of seen what the other side actually was. I prefer the explaining both sides of the Detour as soon it is found editing

I found it horrid and random, honestly it's been good for 22 seasons and 10 episodes of a 23rd, why not continue it?

I didn't like it, it threw me off. I thought I missed the second part at first, and I was also fearful that they would only show one option rather than the other. They should just keep the original.

Could be worse.  We know of at least two instances where we are not told that the given task is a detour option at all.


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