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Dutch Mole - Series 14 in Hong Kong [with English subtitles!]

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Hi Mole-fans and best wishes for a belated X-mas and wonderful 2014!!!  :reindeer

Almost the beginning of the new year which means: Time for a new series of 'Wie is de Mol?'  :cmas23

The 14th series will be taking place in Hong Kong. Though it's not yet been officially confirmed, some footage in the trailer of the new series suggests there will be a second destination later on in the series, i.e. the Philippines - it appears to have be taken at a place called Vigan.  :cmas27

This is the first footage of Art introducing the new series as well as the new trailer:


This footage appears to be taken in Vigan (Philippines):


This year a few new game elements will be introduced. One of them can be seen in the trailer, a socalled 'Black exemption' ('Zwarte Vrijstelling', the black disk). According to one of the tv guides it means that the person holding it can neutralize/nullify jokers which other contestants have. It's not exactly sure yet how this will work but apparently it will be explained in episode 1. Should make for an interesting new game element in terms of strategy and advantages. :)

The new contestants:

From left to right:

* Tygo Gernandt (Actor)
* Owen Schumacher (Comedian)
* Jennifer Hoffman (Actress)
* Freek Bartels (Actor/Singer)
* Sofie van den Enk (TV and Radio host)
* Aaf Brandt Corstius (Columnist)
* Daphne Bunskoek (TV host, actress)
* Susan Visser (Actress)
* Jan-Willem Roodbeen (DJ)
* Marcel Lede (TV host).

Footage from the press conference, contestants talking about their experiences on the Mole in general:


Over the past few weeks we had some short videos of the contestants introducing themselves. Just two more will be coming this week leading up to the start of the series on Thursday January 2nd.

So: Who do you think the Mole is? :sab:  :cmas22

Contestants S14 introducing themselves #1: Aaf Brandt Corstius and Freek Bartels:


Contestants S14 introducing themselves #2: Daphne Bunskoek and Jan-Willem Roodbeen:


Contestants S14 introducing themselves #3: Jennifer Hoffman and Marcel Lede:


Contestants S14 introducing themselves #4: Sofie van den Enk and Owen Schumacher:


Adding the last two of the bunch:  :reindeer

Contestants S14 introducing themselves #5: Susan Visser and Tygo Gernandt:


Hi all. :)

Here's the promo for episode 1 of S14.  :cmas9
Looks like there will be a surprise (very) early test/execution going on with quite possibly a twist..?  :cmas27
Can't wait.... :) :) :)


Here's the one minute preview of episode 1 S14. :)
It seems the test/execution twist is done mere minutes after the contestants arrived..   :cmas18 :cmaslol


Time for Episode 1 of the Mole S14 in Hong Kong!!   :conf:  :wohoo:

Additional remark about the episode title:
The verb ' schijnen' means 'to shine' or 'to seem', the latter obviously being of crucial importance in the Mole.  :)
So there may be a hint involving 'to shine' / lights and spotlights in this series as it's also in the trailer ('the Mole doesn't like being in the spotlight').  ;)

So ' schijnbeweging'  means, ' a seeming movement' (like feint), or 'a shining movement'..

Enjoy!!  :hearts:  :colors


Feel free to share your thoughts and suspicions! :sab  :)


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