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NOTE: My finale is meant to be a two hour finale, hence the length.

This is Bogota, Colombia. One of the biggest cities in South America.

And right in the height of the city is Mount Monserrate. This is the point where teams will begin their 12th and final leg of a race around the world. 

 Nicky & Kim, who were the first team to arrive, will depart at 3:30 AM

**All other teams will depart from 3:32 AM to 4:05 AM**

Take a funicular down Mount Monseratte, then fly to your last destination, New York City, New York!

Once there, travel by taxi to the largest maker of comics, where you'll find your next clue.

You have $231 dollars for this leg of the race!

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All teams will take this flight from Bogota to New York City, New York.

Teams, who figured out they had to go to Marvel Entertainment in New York must now read a Spider-Man comic book leading them to make their way on foot to their next destination, Carnegie Hall, one of the largest theaters in the heart of Broadway, also known as New York’s Theatre Capital. This is where teams will receive their next clue.

Who’s Gonna Save The World And Win The Amazing Race Along The Way?

In this Roadblock, one team member must take part in a Broadway musical, which is Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark! First, they must suit up as Spider-Man. Then, they must practice an elaborate Broadway stunt. When they are ready to perform, they must swing around the theatre suspended by wires to the sounds of a cheering audience. Finally, with them wearing web guns, they must “defeat” the Green Goblin by successfully landing a hit. Once they defeat the Green Goblin, and their performance is to the satisfaction of the musical director, they will receive their next clue.

Teams must now make their way on foot to the Ed Sullivan Theatre and find Ellen Degeneres, who will give them their next clue.

Teams must now take part in acclaimed talk show host Ellen Degeneres’s game: Know or Go! With one team member suspended on a high platform, alternating turns with the other team member if they fall, they must correctly answer five questions about their Race around the world. If the answer is not correct, or if other teams arrive, the team member will be plunged down ten feet under the stage and be forced to swap with the other team member, and battle out the other teams by answering five questions first. Once they correctly answer five questions in a row, they will receive their next clue, which will be told to them in secret backstage by Ellen Degeneres.

Teams must now figure out that what Ellen means by “Go to my place in Broadway, your next envelope thingy is there. Do walk, it’s healthy for the environment. Good Luck! I hope you win!”: They must figure out "my place" means Ellen’s Stardust Diner in Broadway. Making their way on foot, it is here where they will find their next clue.

Pastrami is one of New York’s highly acclaimed dishes, and in this task, teams must serve pastrami with a twist. Working the old fashioned American Diner way, they must wear roller-skates and wheeling customer orders around the restaurant, correctly serve fifty dishes of pastrami, replacing every dish they break. Once teams finish their orders, they will receive their next clue.

Teams must now make their way to the FedEx Office Print and Ship Center in Broadway to find their next clue, which is in a marked bag with tools.

Teams must now successfully open a large marked storage container, using the provided tools. Once opened, they will discover a container filled with various stuffed animals, and their next clue.

Animal History! Teams must now find 11 stuffed animals of animals they encountered on the Race and set them up on a small podium in order. While teams may first be confused, all teams will have one animal set into place: The Chicken from the Detour in Colombia. Once teams correctly arrange the 11 animals, they will receive their next clue, which are two bronze monkey statues. While there are different possible combinations, only one will be verified correct.

Teams must then figure out that the two bronze monkeys are replicas of the same exact monkeys on the Delacorte Clock in Central Park. It is here where they will find their next clue.

The Delacorte Clock is one of the prime clocks in New York City, greeting visitors at the Central Park Zoo with it’s music. Now, teams, listening to a short excerpt of music (“Jingle Bells”) and following a math formula along with a list of songs being played on the clock, teams must figure out the time that the Delacorte Clock will play Jingle Bells. Once teams figure out the correct time: (4:30 PM. The Delacorte Clock changes song every 30 minutes.), they will receive their next clue.

Teams must now make their way to the Rockefeller Center Skating Rink to receive their next clue.

Teams must now take part in a favorite New York Winter past-time, Ice Skating! Both team members must learn how to skate on the ice and perform six basic jumps in figure skating. Once they successfully complete the mixture of ice skating and figure skating, they will receive their next clue.

Teams must now make their way on foot to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, the biggest Christmas Tree in New York. Under the tree contains a christmas present, which contains their next clue.

Teams must now make their way to the New York Botanical Center in the Bronx, also known as the home of the acclaimed Christmas Train Show in New York! It is here where teams will receive their next clue.

Who's going to end this Race in a Trainwreck? NOTE: If you did the first Roadblock, your partner must do this one.

In this final Roadblock, one team member must recreate their entire route around the world. In a pit, with locations of each leg’s Pit Stop being placed as model replicas, teams must successfully route each country and task of their journey by laying down train tracks marked Roadblock and Detour for each country, and bridging gaps with a train piece with the flag of the country they were in as well as a Pit Stop mat in front of the replica. If teams had won a Fast Forward, their country would automatically have the pieces in place. If teams were affected by a Hazard or Speed Bump, or encountered a Yield or U-Turn, they would have to place a miniature Speed Bump or Hazard sign next to the country piece. Once their train track is verified correct, and their model train can successfully go around their route without crashing, they will receive their final clue.

This is it! Make your way to the Finish Line: Yankee Stadium! The most expensive stadium in the world! The first team to check in here will win the One Million Dollars and The Amazing Race! Go Go Go!

Notes:Show contentHello judges, RFF members and guests, as well as WRP. (Hopefully you lurk and read designs :P)

Here are some notes I have for my finale.
1. I chose New York City because first of all, I totally love the city, and I think it should be used more in TAR after I felt that the finales in this city have been less than stellar, so I chose it as my dream finale. My theme for this finale is: “The Best Of New York This Christmas”. And I purposely chose well known items and places in New York on Christmas, such as Broadway, Pastramis, Ice Skating, and others. I also set it in Christmas, as I felt it is fitting for when we end our game :D

2. For the first Roadblock, you can find the stunt in this video: at the 0:36 mark. I basically tweaked the stunt to allow for the villain to swing i.e fly as well.

3. Marvel Entertainment actually started in New York, hence why I made a comic book task and the Broadway task is a Marvel Property.

4. I purposely chose Ellen Degeneres to have a task because her restaurant is the only one in the vicinity of New York that has roller skating waiters and waitresses, which I will need for the Pastrami task. I also added Know or Go for extra pizazz because I love Ellen too and teams playing Know Or Go would be fun. You can find a game of Know or Go here:

5. These are instructions on how to open a cargo container:

6. The answers to the animal tasks along with the red herrings for some legs:

Leg 1 - Bull (The Starting Line Task)
Leg 2 - Elephant (The Active Route Info in Laos)
Leg 3 - Parrot (The Singing Parrots Task)
Leg 4 - Oryx (The Active Route Info at the Zoo which involved searching for a well and feeding this animal)
Leg 5 - Camel (Final Part of the Mummy Active Route Info)
Leg 6 - Bull (Bull-Racing Roadblock)
Leg 7 - Snail (Active Route Info: Snail Racing)
Leg 8 - Horse (Teams Took Horses For The Entirety of The Leg)
Leg 9 - Cows (Active Route Info of Bringing Cows and Cheese Up the Mountain)
Leg 10 - Dogs (Teams took dogs to the Pit Stop)
Leg 11 - Chicken (The Chicken Side of the Detour) (PROVIDED AS AN EXAMPLE)
Leg 12 - Spider (Spider-Man task)


Leg 1: Horse (The Horse Will Be The Answer For Vatican City. Not Korea.)
Leg 3: Pig (The Parrot is the correct answer.)
Leg 5: Fish (This Animal is a Red Herring)
Leg 8: Fish (This Animal is a Red Herring)

7.I made the Chicken provided as an example because I felt that if I left it all blank, teams who did not perform that Detour in Colombia would be at a stark disadvantage, and it could help teams not get confused at this task.

8.For the Delacorte Clock task, I felt like I had to add it in because I think finales should have a clever balance of physical and mental tasks. We have three mental tasks and three fairly physical tasks, so the Delacorte Clock math task just adds to that.

9.Answers for the Final Roadblock! Note: RB means Roadblock, DT means Detour, W-Turn/Yield means just that, and SB/Haz means Speed Bump or Hazard, and PS means Pit Stop. :lol:

Leg 1: South Korea DT-RB-PS Miscellaneous Speed Bump
Leg 2: Laos RB-PS Miscellaneous Hazard
Leg 3: Philippines DT-RB-PS  Miscellaneous Hazard
Leg 4: Qatar RB-DT-PS Miscellaneous Hazard and Yield
Leg 5: Egypt RB-DT-PS
Leg 6: Seychelles DT-RB-PS Miscellaneous Speed Bump & Fast Forward
Leg 7: Italy RB-DT-PS
Leg 8: Vatican City DT-RB-PS MiscellaneousSpeed Bump, Fast Forward, & U-Turn
Leg 9: Switzerland DT-RB-PS MiscellaneousFast Forward & U-Turn
Leg 10: Barbados RB-DT-PS
Leg 11: Colombia RB-DT-PS
Leg 12: USA RB-RB-PS

10. While it might be unfair for teams who have taken a Fast Forward to have pieces in place, let’s say for argument’s sake that the final 3 all took a Fast Forward at one point.

11. Here is a video detailing the figure skating jumps:

12. I chose the train track as my final Roadblock because it basically tells teams to recreate their whole route without being over extravagant.

13. I made teams walk to all the locations starting from departing Marvel. This is because all of the first four places are so close together, so intense footraces could be made going to these places. The second half of the leg has taxis though.

Map of the Final Leg locations:


Padma: Now that both our designer's final piece of work has been displayed, it's now time to get down to business on how this Final Round will be judged.

Each judge which has previously judged a round (those being Airlines, racer, Victoria Grayson, Paldog, Alenaveda, Kamineko, calphin, ovalorange, Jimmer and myself) will give 1 point per part of the Final Design - that means, I could give 1 point to realshowfan for a better route, but I could give another point to gamerfan09 if I believe he has a better final leg.

In addition, we will have a poll for RFF to add an 11th point into the mix for each category. The winner of Design Challenge V will be the person who has the highest number of points combined.

Any clarification on the judging can be handled in this thread.

Get ready, the judging begins now! :tup:

Show contentAs it is Christmas/New Years, I'll set an initial deadline of 5th January to get all scores in :)

Anyone may post now! :) Good luck Final 2! <3

I like RSF's route, since it starts in my home state of New Jersey. However, I like gamerfan's finale better since the final clue's a bit of a brain teaser.

Both should be proud! Great routes and final legs! Only disappointment is no Oceania :(


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