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Padma: Hello all of RFF and welcome to TAR Design Challenge V - The Finale! Over the course of the past few months, we have seen 16 designers battle it out for the title of winner of Design Challenge. Along the way, 14 players have fallen, leaving us with a Final 2.



For the finale, both of our Final 2 had to design a full 12 leg route AND then showcase their final leg in epic detail. We will now present the designs to the whole of RFF!

Also, I will reveal how YOU can help influence who wins the whole competition.

Stay tuned, the designs are coming up next!


Link to full game:,28944.0.html

(NOTE: You must be a member of RFF to access this link)


Padma: We will begin by first posting both Routes followed by both Final legs!






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Bimini, Bahamas.
This is one of the numerous islands that comprise the exotic nation of the Bahamas. This country is an ideal holiday getaway to many, with plenty of untouched beaches, fresh water, natural view and comfortable hospitability. Here in the Bimini Islands is the Healing Hole.

The Healing Hole was the penultimate Pit Stop in a race around the world.

The Final Three teams arrived here at the end of last leg for a mandatory rest period.
Can Maica & Zasha continue their much awaited lead all the way to the Finish Line and represent the females as they have done all along?
Can Gar & Rachel find a more constructive way to argue, or will their disagreements be their ultimate downfall?
Can Lynn & Cassidy, against all odds, rise from the bottom and snatch the win when it matters the most?

Maica & Zasha, who were the first to arrive at 12:46AM, will depart at 12:46PM.

First To Depart: 12:46PM
Maica: Final leg! We made it, Zasha!
Zasha: I hope we're not going to our hometown! Although it's been broken, the odds are 1 in 23!
Maica: Fly to your final destination: New Orleans, USA! Whoo! Let's go!

The Final Three can now fly back to their home country, to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Once there, they must make their way to the Huey P. Long Bridge, named after the infamous, assassinated governor of the state in 1935. It is here where teams will find their first clue in America.

Maica: You have $100 for this leg of the race!
Zasha: Wait! Let me fix my hair!

Second To Depart: 1:00PM
Gar: Give me a good luck kiss, Rachel. ;)
Rachel: Why should I? We're heading home. -_-
Gar: So you do miss this race! You will miss being with me every time!
Rachel: Shut it.

Third To Depart: 1:18PM
Cassidy: Let's quickly get to the airport, Lynn! I have a feeling we'll miss the flight if we don't run!
Lynn: But FOOD!

*Teams go through transportation and end up in Huey P. Long Bridge*

Rachel: It's here, Gar!
Gar: Well, let's see here! Uh... What is this?
Rachel: Argh! After 11 legs, you still struggle reading! It's a Road Block!

Who desires a celebration feast?

In final leg Road Block, one team member must make their way to the site of the popular Gumbo Festival in Bridge City, the gumbo capital of the world.

They are required to cook gumbo and serve gumbo the way locals do to three culinary judges. If all three judges are happy with the product, they will hand the next clue. If not, they will have to try again.

Rachel: It might have meat. Oh man. I'm doing it.
Gar: Don't get too fat, honey!
Rachel: Watch your mouth.

Zasha: I'll do it!

Lynn: MEEEEEE!!!! We got this!

*Teams complete the Road Block*

Cassidy: Whoa! You caught up!
Lynn: I know, right? I should try for MasterChef after this!
Cassidy: We have to go here next: Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

Teams must now make their way to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. It is here at the entrance where teams will find their next clue.

Lynn: Oh shoot, Cass! We didn't tell our taxi to stay!
Cassidy: Darn it!

*Teams make their way to Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve*

Rachel: I see a map.
Gar: Says here we need to use the map and a swamp boat and get three bags.

Teams must use a map and swamp boat and explore the park. Bayous and swamps are one of many things Louisiana boasts. Teams must find three bags of tiles before moving on: one they had to wade in the mud, one they had to climb a tree, and one they had to get from an alligator.

Rachel: We can pull ahead.
Gar: Yeah, dude! We can totally out-brave them!

*Teams start the task*

Rachel: This. Is. So. Nasty.

Lynn: Why don't I just break the tree and get the bag?
Cassidy: No! We can't! The ranger here will severely penalize us!

Maica: Oh gosh, Zasha, I'm scared of it! You go! You're gutsier!

*Teams complete the task*

Rachel: Finally...
Gar: Make your way to... Mar-dye Grass World!
Rachel: Mardi Gras World!

Teams must now make their way to Mardi Gras World, a parade float warehouse as well as a tourist attraction so that the festivities never end. It is in this spontaneous location where teams will find their next clue.

Zasha: I cannot believe that 'gator almost bit off my entire arm! I'm not spending a million dollar prize on health and life insurance!

*Teams arrive at Mardi Gras World*

Gar: It's red again! We returned to the Jumbo place, but it looks like the party's started.
Rachel: *smacks Gar's head* No! It's Gumbo, we're not at the first Road Block site. This is another Road Block.
Gar: Gee, Rae, sorry for that, but you didn't have to hit me so hard!
Rachel: Ok. I'm sorry and we should kiss and make up.

Zasha: They're bickering again. Let's overtake them.
Maica: I'll do the Road Block this time.

Road Block! Who desires a celebration, period?

In this very final Road Block, one team member has to enter Mardi Gras World and search for marked parade floats. Selecting one, they will be given photos of that float. Their task is to identity all the differences between the photos and the float. Then, they must head to the gift shop and the prop shop to find the tools and items they need to fix the floats in time for show time. Once the float matches the photos, the performer will hand the next clue.

Gar: I want a celebration! I'm a part animal! Laterally!
Rachel: It's literally.
Gar: Literacy!
Rachel: Ok Gar now I think you're playing around.

*Teams begin Road Block task*

Cassidy: What in the world am I missing?

Gar: Check! Yes, I got the clue!

*Teams complete the Road Block*

Rachel: Whoa. You actually did that fast.
Gar: Who do you think I am?
Rachel: Someone who can't pronounce our next destination.
Gar: An-sdhsadehin Mission! We're going on a mission! Sweet!

Teams must now make their way to where the Annunciation Mission is. It is here where they will find their next clue.

Zasha: We can't lose them! Let's follow them!

*Teams make their way to Annunciation Mission*

Rachel: Wait a second... No wonder the name sounds familiar.
Gar: 'Cause it reminds you of the Teen Titans?
Rachel: No, they help out with recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Here's our clue!

The strike of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was one of the deadliest hurricanes in American history, and has lead to many years of continuous recovery in New Orleans. Now, teams must help out these victims and volunteers. With the help of volunteers, teams must prepare boxes to be sent to the recovery site, and help with the painting and building. Once they have done their part, a volunteer will hand them their next clue after they donate all of their money.

Gar: Oh... No mission.
Rachel: We're still saving lives, Gar. It's practically the same thing, but for those without superpowers.

*Teams begin task*

Gar: Where do these boxes go?
Zasha: Let's give this house some artistic flair!
Lynn: I think I smashed the nail...

*Teams complete task*

Volunteer: As part of the task, you are instructed to also donate all of your money to Annunciation Mission so that we can further help the restore New Orleans.
Maica: Really?
Volunteer: Yes!
Zasha: But our taxi.
Volunteer: You are required to donate after paying your taxi fares.

Rachel: Let's just give them and overtake the girls.
Volunteer: Thank you so much!
Gar: We're going to Rock 'n' Bowl next! Hah! I can totally read it!
Rachel: Spell 'and'.
Gar: N!

Teams must make their way on foot to this live music venue on South Carrollton Avenue.

*Teams make their way to Rock 'n' Bowl*

Zasha: Memory challenge!
Maica: The ultimate! The epitome! The climax!

Teams must make their way on foot to this live music venue on South Carrollton Avenue.

After 11 legs, teams had experienced a symphony of tasks, locales and people. Now, in this final Memory Challenge, teams must recall the events that transpired throughout the racecourse. Teams must head out to the streets and search for one of eleven jazz bands or performers, each for a previous leg. A song about the leg will be sung.

Then, teams must return to Rock 'n' Bowl, take out all the tiles in their bags from Jean Lafitte, and place the tiles on the memory board in the order sung. Once they have done this correctly eleven times, the memory board will play music and reveal the teams' final clue.

Cassidy: Well, let's go!
Zasha: This is so exciting!

*Teams begin final task*

Gar: Let's listen here first.

Jazz Performer: In the premiere, there was superSTITIOOOON in this task that this team placed ninth in the leg and play with kids in this task da da da da da da da...

Rachel: Okay, so Leg 1 - Detour - Zoey & Oliver - Road Block! Let's go!

*Teams complete the task*

Rachel: We're done!
Gar: Music is playing! Let's dance! *grabs Rachel and twirls her*
Rachel: Wow, you're good... Uh, I mean. Ahem. Let's go. We're first.
Gar: We're engaged, Rae! You don't have to be so shy!
Rachel: Whatever. It's the Finish Line!

Teams need to make their way on foot to this marked area on the Mississippi River Trail. There, bicycles will be waiting for them. They must ride them all the way to the pier, where they will have to row on a boat to their final destination - The Finish Line.

This is Steamboat Natchez. This cruise boat on the Mississippi River allows the showcasing of almost all of New Orleans' wonders - the water, local food, jazz music, festivities, history and culture.

Right here is the Finish Line! The first team to step on the finish mat wins The Amazing Race!

Rachel: Let's go, Gar! Wow, we might actually win this!

*Teams make their way to the Pit Stop*

Gar: Here are the bicycles! Get on!

Cassidy: Hurry, Lynn! Keep paddling! Don't give up!

Zasha: Even if your arms are straining, don't refrain! We're almost there! I can see it!

12 Legs, 11 Countries & 29,000 Miles...

Show contentHELLO! Thank you for reading my leg!

.For the task at Jean Lafitte, there will be someone watching the teams do the tasks, making sure they don't harm anything and nothing harms them. The wading in the swamp will be a relatively small area where it's tested to have no dangerous species. For the tree, if no trees are deemed to be able to be climbed on, there will be a makeshift tree in its place. For the alligator one, the bag will be only near its tail or something like that, not dangerously close to the alligators.
.The road going to Mardi Gras World is partially in construction I think, so teams might have to run the rest of the way. That could add drama/intensity!
.The image of the memory board above is not the completed version. Completed version will have three tiles each. Tiles will be of route markers (including Fast Forward, Speed Bump and Hazard (Hazard is obviously a decoy since leg 1 does not contain it)), previously eliminated teams, and country flags.
.Steamboat Natchez will be 'parked' as specified in the last image below.





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