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Double-Episode Finales

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--- Quote from: Jimmer on December 18, 2013, 08:38:50 PM ---I personally don't mind it, and I like it because I get to see more episodes as soon as I can! <3

--- End quote ---

But then you have to wait longer for the next season...

I kinda hate them, because two episodes of TAR together just kinda doesn't fell right.

I remember falling asleep during the TAR 21 finale :lol:

Not to mention that the finales post UB have been super underwhelming, so even though Leg 11 is totally AMAZING (TAR 22, TAR 20, TAR 23), the horrid finale leg always kills it.

I am more in favour 90 minute finales like TARAu (or the earlier seasons), where they go to a different location before they race to the finish. I loved TAR23's Tokyo leg but the Alaska finale was a total lacklustre but from what I heard the TAR24 final leg should be a good one.

I actually like it, because we won't know which team gets booted out in 4th. (as long as one doesn't watch the preview)
Sometimes, I think I really shouldn't mind about this.
I'd love to see a 90-120-minute premiere. We get to see more from the teams. I think we needed this in TAR21 because we didn't see how Beekman boys departed 1st but fell to the last flight. :cmas5

Mug Costanza:
I personally love the double-leg finales. A one-hour finale just seems like such a let-down compared to Big Brother (90 minutes) or Survivor (two hours, but really three). I feel like I get more closure to the season by seeing the last two legs back-to-back.


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