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Double-Episode Finales

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A trend that has been going on since Season 20:

Since then, every American season of the show has combined the penultimate and ultimate legs/episodes into one two-hour finale episode.

Do you like this practice, or would you like it to disappear?

Personally, I don't like it. It makes it feel like the show is being rushed, almost as if the producers are hasty to get it over with. It's kinda weird, I know, but it makes me feel like the producers are somehow ashamed of what they're making...

I don't like it either. The only double finale which I enjoyed was TAR21 because both episodes were entertaining!

I don't really mind it but at the same time it can leave a lot to be desired. A double length premiere I have always found better as it gives us a chance to find more out about the teams especially their character development so we know more about them from the get go, we get to see the mad dashes to the airport, and it creates a build up of anticipation for the rest of the season IMO.

I have found that team intros have been getting shorter as has the starting line and airport dash scenes. This again is the same with the finale. It is as if the first team crosses the line and that's it woo done. S20 is different whereas we had a great final 3, drama, more drama, and the infamous finding of the pit stop by accident.

We are not talking about the same thing there. A 2-hour premiere of the first leg is one thing, extremely different to the 2 back-to-back 40-minutes episodes of the last two legs.

I agree that if Leg 01 were to be broadcast in 60/80 minutes, it would let us know more about the teams in the very first leg, which does seem a bit rushed with all the teams, flight thing and such.

Last two-legs being broadcast altogether, I do not really mind. I personally like it. I would rather have a season broadcast in 6 weeks, having two episodes every Sunday. <3 Rushed? The same episode to be broadcast nowor next week? If one of both legs is not great, this will work better for sure so as not to disappoint the audience.

I personally don't mind it, and I like it because I get to see more episodes as soon as I can! <3


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