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Biggest mistake ever made (by a team)

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What do you think is the biggest mistake ever made by a team?

I would say Zev and Justin taking the globetrotters to the final 4, it was really a one sided alliance and then when it came down to the line zev and justin came up short and lost their chance at the million, zevastating...
I don't really think the globetrotters would have made it so far unassisted. I would say it's the biggest mistake in race history since zev and justin really got nothing from helping them and it has been widely accepted since the early seasons that athletic teams are dangerous in the business end of the race

What do you think?

I think Team JJ not using the EP. They had a good chance making it to the F3, but instead they got an unlucky 9th.

-Any eliminating flight disaster: Gutsy Grannies, NFL, etc.
-Not using the EP x2.
-Goths Uturning the wrong team.
-Nana missing out on the final by driving the wrong way (which I think cost them the million).
-Goths missing the chosen flight by driving to the other end of Japan but reconciling themselves <3
-Rockers for leaving their backpacks in that bogus taxi. (They were going strong still!)
-Erwin & Godwin for carrying the bottomgods(desses) until Bama shrug them off (I preferred Bama and Mary/David anyway).
-Matt/Daniel taking a penalty leg 1 when they could've had 4 hours to find the clue.
^Same for Hal/Joanne, Ross/Tarryn etc.
-Luke in the surfboard task :(

As you can see I cannot pick one  :cmaslol

Goths for u-turning a team who was not behind them.
Goths for taking a cab instead of walking on foot.
Seriously, it cost them the race... twice! :cmas18


--- Quote from: Platinum on December 19, 2013, 10:42:06 AM ---Goths for u-turning a team who was not behind them.
Goths for taking a cab instead of walking on foot. Globbs riling Vyxsin up so she/kent misread clue in haste and emotion :c
Seriously, it cost them the race... twice!:cmas18

--- End quote ---


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