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I think Tina would have won against Gervase actually. But yeah then Monica would have made moves and that would have endeared her to the majority of the jury (who hate Tyson and Gervase but they respect Tyson for his moves) so therefore Monica would have won <3

I think Monica could have gotten more votes if she tied the F4 vote for Tina but I don't think she would have won (I am thinking a 5-3-0 or a 4-4-0 deadlocked vote). She probably would have gotten Tina's (assuming she lost) and Katie's vote (Tina would probably convince Katie) in addition to Vytas's vote and maybe one more.

And if Monica made just that one move, who knows what might happened right? Instead, her jury case was that she did not make that move because all the other moves will not help her win. But that is precisely what the jury disagreed with, because sitting next to Tyson simply meant that there was no way she could have gotten a win WITHOUT doing ANYTHING. :(

I would tend to disagree. I think the finale edit led us to think Monica was going to win (well I did). I thought from the FTC she was going to win. She was flawless. And I think she was winning more votes UNTIL Aras asked his question, and Tyson said Monica should've won. That subtle moment I think won Tyson his votes back, and he did play an amazing game deserving of the win, and we got to see beyond his jokes and into his heart with some emotion. You could see how much it meant to him to win.

Overall one of my favourite seasons with many stars we will surely see again: Laura x2, Hayden, Ciera, Katie, Monica & Vytas.

I really thought the only misleading tribal council was Survivor Philippines, where Lisa's Final TC was flawless and it seemed like she might win over Denise. Monica simply answered her questions with heart and truth, but she didn't play a good game. Just like what Hayden said, all of them knew they were going to vote Tyson to win going into the Final TC and even convinced each other to vote for the deserving person and not be blinded by bitterness.


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