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I was very privileged to be invited to join the cast in RI for their finale party! Thanks to the efforts of our hosts, Jason and Amy, this was a delight from start to finish! Every detail was perfection...even M&M's in team colors and with the racers' faces! If I can get my camera unfrozen, I'll add some more pics of those.  :cmaslol
This cast has bonded, and their affection for each other is so plain to see. I loved meeting everyone who could be there, it was so much fun! Big HUGS from all of them to all of you.
And for all of you, over and over I heard from the cast, their families and friends: "We LOVE RFF!!" Everyone was so complimentary about the forum, the posters, and of course, our spoilers and how we present them. So in turn, I want to say thank you to ALL of you for everything you do to make RFF special!


OMG! Thanks a bunch for the pictures peach!  :kisses

Great pictures Peach! Brandon & Adam's outfits are amazing  :cmaslol

Heee, Brandon and Adam ARE pretty amazing!! Loved every single one of the cast I got to meet, this is a wonderful group!!

must be overwhelmed at the moment (^_^)


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