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This season is just as great as any other season (because I'm extremely addicted to TAR).
Leg1: It was... dull? (not sure with the term) Half of the teams did nothing during the 1st leg, and 4 teams were way behind the other 7 teams.
Leg2: The detour was balanced but it was not very exciting. There was a batch 1 & 2 before the rb, and I think I'm okay with it.
Leg3: The European legs were all amazing! Starting from Portugal. The detour was balanced and amazing at the same time. The roadblock was easy but okay. The pit stop looked awsome! The flight drama was also amazing. NFL team lost due to horrible lucks at the airports, and that had them become the 1st team ever eliminated in an airport. :torche
Leg4: 2nd leg of Europe and still amazing! The night leg is just one of a kind! :xmas146 Maybe the detour was imbalanced, but the Arctic plunged was good. There was an ARI this leg, and the coins from that ARI was used on a future leg, and it was awesome!
Leg5: 3rd leg of Europe, and it gets better! Both sides of the detour were balanced. The w-turn here is just perfect for this leg. The rb was completely random, but it was awesome! And at the end of the leg, the pit stop was amazing!
Leg6: There were many recycled locations here. I already forgot TAR4's but thanks to Wikipedia, I was able to look at the locations and tasks. The singing rb was fun to watch but... if I were to do it, not fun! The detour was completely imbalanced. The ff was a bummer. The pit stop was a recycled location, but it's nice anyway.
Leg7: The detour looked balanced. A w-turn could look perfect here. The rb looked fun but confusing. The leg is actually great.
Leg8: A detour in the desert was awesome! The w-turn here was also perfect. The speedbump is good-great for me. The rb looked fun yet challenging. In the end, the pit stop was amazing!
Leg9: The ram thingy might be boring to watch on screen, but it showed culture, and it would probably be more fun to watch on the spot. The train drama was great! I loved seeing the 2 teams on the 2nd train catch up to the 1st 3 teams. The detour looked imbalanced. The bird detour looked okay, but I think it would be boring. The anklung rb was amazing! I'd love to see it as a switchback, but I think a lot of people are already gonna :barf because of Indonesia overdose. The rb was challenging and fun to watch. The kids there were so cute that I loved watching the rb all over again.
Leg10: The cobra thing added Marie drama :cmaslol to the episode. After 9 legs, finally, the rb came before the detour. :cmaslol The rb was great! The detour looked okay-good to me. This should've been the 9th leg instead. Then the previous leg should've been leg 10 with the Philimination.
Leg11: Japan leg! :xmas146 The detour was imbalanced, but at least teams get to decide whether they wanna have fun or wanna get things done quickly. The speedbump was great, but it was probably more time consuming than the other speedbumps. The rb was awesome! The tasked looked both mental and physical at the same time. This type of rb will be perfect for any penultimate leg! Loved seeing the Exes come from the bottom and catch up to 1st place. The vending machine was good. The pit stop location was recycled from TAR15; but nevertheless, it looked great! The pit stop greeter sure showed some modern culture. I just love watching Japanese legs! :xmas146
Leg12: The rb determined the final order of teams checking in at the finish line, but it wasn't as bad as the luck rb last season. The ice thing was good. The trick at the end of the ice task was great! The memory challenge was completely unexpected, and I have to say, it was great! The finish line location should be good.

Can't wait to watch TAR24! :xmas110 I always look forward to the next TAR, despite the vomit-worthy cast from the spoilers.


--- Quote from: Bookworm on December 11, 2013, 02:04:12 PM ---I liked how teams traveled by train to Vienna. The Detour was unbalanced, but still good. It would have been nice to have a Double U-Turn this leg. The Roadblock wasn't fair, as singing has nothing to do with racing. Luckily, it only delayed the Oklahoma team. Probably my favorite task of this leg was the MAZE. I really like maze/labyrinth tasks.

--- End quote ---

How do you know the Detour was unbalanced when all teams did the same detour and we even don't know how hard the other one was. And the Roadblock, not only Oklahoma but also Iced Blonde Girls got struggling.

And I love Singing task. You said about fair but Dancing, Eating... is also not fair for some racers, too.

For me, this is definitely the best season post-UB! The cast was decent, and I had teams to root for and teams to root against, which is always good! There was a wide variety of locations which for the most part were all very scenic, so that's good. While most challenges were linear, some of them proved great entertainment and posed much difficulty, my favourites being the shoeshine in Chile, the fish Detour in Norway and the Roadblocks in both Indonesia (anklung) and Japan. The editing remains horrid but overall it's been a really nice season to watch at home!

The best thing about this season was the cast. 
It's got to be the best cast that CBS has ever put together. (Yes, I said Ever! :cmaslol)
I loved 10 out of the 11 teams, which never happens, as I usually only like 6 or maybe 7 teams.  Unfortunately though, the only team I didn't like was Amy & Jason!

The route was great, but I would have liked to have seen more diversity in the scenery.  There seemed to be a lot of Sand and Desert, and not enough cold E.g. Snow in Switzerland, or even a random rainy leg.

I really enjoyed some of the tasks, but the majority of them were just Blaaaah.  :cmas11
I think someone mentioned it on another thread, but my biggest problem with the tasks was the Doughnut Roadblock in Leg 5.  I really think each team should have had 8 or 9 DIFFERENT addresses to visit spread across the complex, and that way teams wouldn't have been able to wok together and it would have been a much better "Needle in a Haystack" challenge, allowing teams further behind a chance to catch up.

Again, wasn't pleased with the winners, and the so called Memory task was one of the weakest I've seen in a long time.

Great Season at the beginning, but slowly got poorer as the season went on, mainly due to the elimination of the more unique teams, and leaving us with the less diverse of the teams.

Overall though, I'd give it an 8/10.  I'd say it's the best Post UB season, apart from 19.

The cast was what? :lol:

Hoskote and Naina looked promising, but they were awfully weak.
Rowan and Shane looked promising, but they were also awfully weak.
Chester and Ephraim failed to make an impact
Brandon and Adam were annoying
Tim and Danny were horribly boring
Nicky and Kim were also horribly boring
Ally and Ashley were okay, but they were also awfully weak
Leo and Jamal are polarizing: love them or hate them. And that's actually good, but I hate them :lol:

Only the final three I truly rooted and loved during the course of the season.
Jason and Amy were somewhat meh but they had this fun vibes with Nicole and Travis
Nicole and Travis were amazingly competitive and strong in the first half of the race, but their edit went downhill as Nicole proved that she was a trainwreck in challenges and Travis was a d*ck (as Marie tweeted) to his husband. BUT THEY WERE LOVELY :lol: AND THEIR ENDING WAS LULZY
Tim and Marie are the real stars of the season. I don't need to expound on this. They complement each other well. :lol:

Best cast ever? For me, its not :lol:


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