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--- Quote from: PuppetYX on December 14, 2013, 09:50:51 PM ---One thing I like is that we don't see the same team winning every leg!

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TAR 19 was nearly ruined by this, and TAR 20 kind of too :lol:


--- Quote from: PuppetYX on December 14, 2013, 09:50:51 PM ---One thing I like is that we don't see the same team winning every leg!

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.... Instead, we've got the same team that keep getting the 2nd place!   :cmas51

I actually liked the cast this season, because although half of the time they were boring, I feel the power balance is good, not one team obviously dominating the season.
As for the first Bandung leg, I loved the roadblock, but found the other tasks/route info pointless. Why go out of the way just to watch rams butt heads? & although the racers loved it, feeding elephants was also meh. There are so many interesting things to do in Bandung.


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--- Quote from: RachelLeVega on December 13, 2013, 11:32:18 PM ---Tasks... thank goodness for zero Switchbacks!

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Technically, there were :cmas11 , but they were not exactly switchbacks. The Austrian leg's Donauturm bungee jump ff/rb and mask detour/rb.

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The only change they did was the type of clue, but I guess nobody in production has watched TAR4 before. :cmas11

To me the final leg roadblock also seemed like a switchback to that ridiculous final leg baseball task from the previous seasons finale. Without having one partner catch the dropped object it may have been easier but I felt this time round it was a better fit contextually.
(Other switchbacks: relay a phone message (s19) Japanese game show, Christina's ice wall climb hell (s12))

To me this season was a wreck, if the next season wasn't all stars I think I would be done with this show which is a shame because it's something I really used to love but I guess everything dies baby (that's a fact).
Probably my biggest problem was all of my favourite teams getting the boot: Brandon & Adam (I don't get why there seems to be a general dislike towards them), Nicky and Kim, Ally & Ashley ( even if I only got on board after the Bunnies were gone), Leo & Jamal.
I think the season was also dulled by Nicole & Travis overstaying their welcome, really if you can't do the tasks by yourself you don't deserve to be in the race. As a viewer I feel robbed that I didn't get to witness the underdog victory of the ice girls in Indonesia or the accompanying shock elimination of the supposed "power parents", that would have made for great watching, well I imagine (so would have Leo and Jamal winning the penultimate leg but that was also their own fault ><)

I also didn't like the use of the uturn as a punishment (Abu Dhabi) get off your high horse! Especially irking was the hypocrisy of Travis and Nicole later on but at the time I was also upset that Nicky and Kim were being punished in leg 9 for something that they did in leg 3 and I don't agree that they had just been hanging on each leg, they did well in Portugal, Poland and Austria...

I also wasn't a fan of the japan leg, it really wasn't up to my expectations for what is in my opinion the most important leg of the race and I'm so sick of Japanese game show tasks, they make me cringe and they've been done, please stop! The only good task from that leg was the roadblock which was then followed by two recycled locations. Compare this leg with Northern Ireland from last season and there is no competition for which one is better. Oh and the find the wandering vending machine task was also awful

I tried to be optimistic going into the finale but even the season recap felt bad. Some people complain about the soundtrack having changed so they can't get excited about watching the race. I've never understood this until I heard Phil's opening narration, it did nothing for me, I wasn't enthused at all. I think the greatest season recap was in season 13 (it's kind of random that I even know that but whatever)

I'm really indifferent to Jason and Amy winning, I really didn't mind her but he seemed really insensitive in Abu Dhabi and Indonesia (Indian? Chinese?), how can anyone travel so far and remain so ignorant? And they had only won one leg previously... I'm kind of not convinced that they won, they seem so bland, I don't think I'll remember them at all. I would have preferred Tim and Marie winning, but what can you do

There were some things I liked from this season (believe it or not)

* visiting countries that we've only seen once or twice (Portugal, Poland, Norway, UAE) to me they definitely need to do that more. I don't get why some people are so obsessed with new countries, we have plenty of old underused ones. I'm even happy with new regions in old countries
* exes: apparently the first since season 11 or season 2 or something, I love seeing new team dynamics rather than just dating or sports team mates
* the final memory task was good in theory but ultimately too easy, I wish teams would stop studying for these so that they can be about the tasks again rather than trivia
So yeah, sorry to be a downer but I think this is the first season where I've really been dissatisfied afterwards, maybe this is growing up ><


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