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Hi Guys, just wanna share ideas and thoughts about this season of the amazing race,
i would classify this season as "acceptable-good" season and is better than the previous one.
-i don't know if i'm one of the minorities here but i kinda like the first leg ( Chile 1 ) it was time-consuming, tricky, challenging and entertaining.
-i loved the second leg even more, Rowan and Shane sucking at the bus station, Shoeshine roadblock drama at night, Mid-leg travel ( see, i'm officially the minority here  :cmaslol)
-leg 3 was quite nice, but it's not one of the best legs that has ever happened in the amazing race
-i was quite disappointed with this one placed as KOR leg, i wanted a KOR in which the following leg is still in the same country such as CHINA in season 14, i also thought season 17 had better norway leg than this one, but it's still enjoyable though
-i remember loving Poland when i watched season 11, and my love for Poland keeps burning during this episode, The U-turn fit really well in this stage of the race, i only wished it was at night, like the previous Poland leg in all stars
-when seeing the detour in leg 6, i thought this was gonna be one of the worst leg ever, such a shame that the fast forward didn't work out because of the unfortunate weather, but the roadblock really saved this leg. it was funny enjoyable and torturous for people like Danny. and we also saw a pitstop fight like the Guilin leg in CHINA (season 14), but i really regret that the hate between them didn't develop, it would make one of the most memorable fights.
- i liked the U.A.E legs in season 15 and i don't really like it this time, perhaps i expected too much. i can't point out directly what's lacking in this leg but it's very missing for this leg, the dating detour could've been made harder i guess
- i thought i couldn't be more disappointed with UAE but leg 8 proved me wrong, i really hate the both detours, very pointless and time-wasting to watch. the roadblock was kinda OK i guess. i didn't like that the second U-turn was placed in this leg. it would be better if it was placed in Bandung I or Bandung II if it was an elimination leg, it's probably because Indonesia has had a u-turn in season 21.
- yay for amazing race going to not only my country, but also my city  :cmas23 . but i will comment this as objective as i could. i loved the elephant detour, it was tricky to carry a long, heavy sugar cane in a quite distant places. (i know the location of both the market and the zoo) especially with the busy traffic. but i shit-faced seeing the bird detour, i didn't really see what you had to do, you just had to encourage a bird to sing using nothing but patience. The roadblock was OK, it's not that difficult considering i'm musical, but i see some very-not-musical people like Nicole struggling really hard at the RB. i actually expected a harder roadblock like arranging the correct angklung given a row of notes from a traditional sundanese song
- leg 10 should be the one with the elimination rather than leg 9. it's more complex and harder tasks. the roadblock was acceptable after seeing how tricky it actually was, but the detour really rocked. The afghanimals got really busted in the detour. The king-cobra was not one of the greatest eating challenges we had, Caviars, Argentine Feasts, Beijing street delicacy are better than this task.
- leg 11 had the greatest Japan leg just after season 12. although one detour is easier than the other (the fishbowl). i just wished the message was longer. The roadblock was the star of this leg, reminded me of the dinosaur-making challenge in season 18. however, there may be some room for improvement for this leg. i thought that it would be better if you had to search one of the four cats among 1000 cats in the temple for the one that had your clue
- leg 12 was very linear and disappointing immediately after watching the Japan leg. it's like you had a very amazing appetizer and a crappy main-course. The memory challenge was apparently not 100% memory challenge after all. they're just puzzles. season 12 and 21 had the greatest and 100% memory challenge.

overall this season has a great route, great cast, more unique challenges. and more dramas than 2 previous seasons  :xmas146 :xmas146 :xmas146

I seriously hated the season from Episode 1, but Episode 2's ending onwards was pretty good.

I would classify it as somewhere between the best seasons post UB. It's better than 21, and it's better than 19, but it's not quite as good as 20 or 22. But it was still a good season overall with some teams that are one of my favorite teams to ever run the Race :lol: (Bunnies <3, Reebs <3)

I LOVED this season (though I HATED the ending) The tasks were, in my opinion, some of the best ever, and the locations, despite looking only decent on paper, were fabulous.
I liked Iquique Leg 1, and Leg 2 was just great (I just wish we saw the zipline task)
Portugal was nice, but was the blandest episode, except for poor Chester & Ephraim
I liked Norway, and it was an exciting leg. The Detour was OK, and the Roadblock was thrilling.
Leg 5 had the Double U-Turn, and the Detour challenges were difficult, yet balanced. The Roadblock was cool, but doughnuts with filling? I wish that there could have been a 8 addresses, with ONE DOUGHNUT per house. That way, it would be more of "who got the doughnut" than "which house had the doughnut"
I liked how teams traveled by train to Vienna. The Detour was unbalanced, but still good. It would have been nice to have a Double U-Turn this leg. The Roadblock wasn't fair, as singing has nothing to do with racing. Luckily, it only delayed the Oklahoma team. Probably my favorite task of this leg was the MAZE. I really like maze/labyrinth tasks.
Leg 7 had good challenges, but was kinda dull.
Leg 8 was spectacular! The Dune Buggy & Wadi Adventure tasks (RB + SB) were cool, and the Detour showed of a more "fun" side of Arab Culture, as opposed to the Abu Dhabi Detour.
Leg 9 was shockingly an elimination leg, and the challenges were, for the most part, great. The bird detour was horribly easy, though the terrific Angklung Roadblock made up for it.
I LOVED Legs 10 and 11. They were just over-the-top-awesome, especially Japan. The Detour/RB in both legs were great and exceeded my expectations. The RI were also good, too. CAT TEMPLES! <3 <3 <3 <3  :cmas9
The final leg was too linear, and it didn't give the money task a chance to shine.

I find this season interesting because it started off crap and ended crap but in the end it wasn't that bad of a season :lol:

I liked the season. For me it was one of the better (maybe best) post-UB season.

The tasks were pretty good and the Norway leg was amazing. The teams were all entertaining  (mainly the F4)

The 1 thing I absolutely hated was the TBC in Norway when all the teams got equalised and slept on the boat. If I planed it it would have been a "moving/mobile pit stop" (when the teams travel during the rest period to their next destination)


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