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Previously on The Amazing Race...

11 teams began an epic adventure. Along the way, teams soared over Chile, battled in Portugal, lunged into the Arctic, and roared through Abu Dhabi. The Express Pass was leverged by Tim & Marie, and U-Turns were used... against the Afghanimals.

7 teams were eliminated.

Within the final 4, Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis bonded, while others battled. Through U-Turns, stolen taxis, and heated battles, the 4 teams still survived.

Jason & Amy were very consistent through the race and in their relationship. They had 5 2nd place finishes before finally managing to get a first place finish.

Nicole & Travis started the race as power parents, excelling in challenges and strategies. In recent legs, Nicole has crumbled under pressure. They still managed to get into the final 4.

Tim & Marie proved that you don't have to like each other to work well together. They fought a lot... :cmaslol With Marie leading the way, they earned a spot in the final 4.

Leo & Jamal were loud and obnoxious (and still are :reindeer). With early stumbles and surviving 2 U-Turns, they appeared poised to take control with a few 1st places. Instead, they barely hung on and now face a speedbump in the final 4.

Coming up tonight, one of these teams will win $1 million and The Amazing Race.

Glamazon Racer:
OMG I hope they have to search these ceramic cats lol.

And here we go!

Jason & Amy depart 1st at 1:25 AM. Fly to Tokyo, Japan. Once landed, proceed to Gotokuji Temple where there will be a bunch of ceramic cats. :cmaslol Once there, they will find their next clue. Amy is doing flight research. They want to make sure that Nicole & Travis make it in the final 3 as well. They want all teams to be on the same flight.

Tim & Marie depart 2nd at 2:25 AM. Tim says they have a bunch of skills.

Nicole & Travis depart 3rd at 2:26 AM. Travis is very competitive and he doesn't like losing. Nicole says things come easily for Travis.

Amy says that the flight arriving at 6:10 AM is full. All the teams are getting on the flight that arrives at 6:20 AM.

Leo & Jamal depart last at 3:19 AM. They think that the other teams will try to get them out.

First 3 teams are discussing how to get the Afghanimals out. They all agree to work together.

Afghanimals arrive at the flight agency place. Travis & Nicole still don't like how Afghanimals lied to them, lol.

Afghanimals are on the same flight, but they will do additional research... They found a way to get in at 6:10 AM!

Glamazon Racer:
Afghans rolling the dice... :cmas18

Good move by the Afghanimals. Always check if there is a better flight.


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