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TAR LATINOAMERICA - Wishlist, hopes, dreams and future of the franchise.

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1. No more sign-up boards, unless it's for an actual first-come-first-served task. Actually, none at all, because those tasks are invariably boring.

2. Decide on a production company and stick with it. Having producers from a different country handle it every season just isn't working.

3. A better route. I don't think it's coincidental that the two most enjoyable legs in this version's history, IMO, are the Guatemala opening leg of season two and this year's Curacao leg. And it's not because they were good legs (far from it), but because they were unexpected locations. We're all tired of seeing multiple legs in Brazil and Argentina and Chile, and the "but people from there won't watch if we don't do it!" defeats the entire purpose of this show.

4. More Detours, fewer Road Blocks. Especially with the general low quality of this version's task design, and the sign-up board issue, teams need more of a chance to change their positions, and Detours accomplish that far better than Road Blocks.

Think it would be neat to go to Spain for the penultimate leg?

Going to Spain or Portugal would be great.  :cmas9

Some good ideas above. Here are my thoughts:

1. I would love to see teams booking their own flights, or as an alternative, have production book two or three different flights and teams get those on a first-come first-serve basis. The idea of everyone on the same flight is terrible.

2. I don't think the overnight rest will be eliminated. Some of these places you can't just wait on the street until they open, unless you want to lose all your possessions. They could make it less obvious, of course.

3. The tasks do need work. Some are extremely easy. Compared to (for example) The Amazing Race Canada, TARLA is too easy.

4. I agree about visiting more places they haven't visited before. I don't think they would visit dangerous places (El Salvador, Haiti) or French Guyana (EU visa) either. They won't visit Puerto Rico because all participants would need a US visa. I'd love to see them in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize, Uruguay, Paraguay. There's a lot left to see!
Of course, Space has to aim for their main audience and show off the countries where the network airs too. There's a fine balance to strike there, but it is possible to do a better job of showing off different locales.

5. I like the "representing a country" format. Again, they are thinking about their audience and we Latinamericans love rooting for our national teams. I would keep this but diversify the teams a bit. Contrary to the American version, the teams are sort of bland (or at least presented rather blandly, with no background about them). Rarely do we know their professions, whether they are athletes, etc. Other than the Colombian doctors and the Chilean Rugby players, and the Uruguayans who wanted a baby... what else do we know about the teams?

6. Toya looks better but Harris carried the show a lot better than Toya does.

Those are my thoughts!

Harris back and Discovery Channel back. PLEASE!

TARLA 1 was the best season i have watched in a long time.


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